My name is Kevin, or as most of you know me as: Kevduit. I’m a 21 year old Canadian who genuinely enjoys just kicking back, playing video games, and creating content on all the crazy stuff that happens (or is said) during gaming. I live in British Columbia with my absolutely beautiful wife Sindy, or some of you may know as: Sinduit.

My life’s goal is to bring joy and entertainment to this vast table of the internet. To make others laugh, smile, just relax for a bit, that’s why I do what I do. That’s why I LOVE to do what I do.

Although this is quite short, and doesn’t answer a whole lot about who I am, I want you to know that YOU, my fans, audience members, friends, are the reason why I wake up every morning pushing myself to hit new goals, to try and make a BETTER video, have a MORE intense live stream. I appreciate you all so much, and even though this career path is a VERY rocky and sometimes unstable road, I’m completely grounded in the joy of this to ever want to give it up.

So thank you. For everything. You let this guy, who hardly anybody believed would ever make it… make it.

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