10 Quick Beginner's Tips to Fallout 76

Fallout 76 is not the easiest game to figure out, so I’ve compiled a quick list of tips to help beginner’s know what to watch out for, or how to understand the more complicated areas of the game.

10. Don't spend Perk Points immediately

What a lot of people don’t realize is that the more you level, the more you unlock new and BETTER perk cards. Everyone thinks that you should just grab new perk cards every time you level up, and that isn’t the case. Remember: Every 5 levels you unlocked a Perk PACK, which is essentially 4 free perk cards to utilize. Trust me, this is all you need for the majority of your grind from level 1-50, which is the point of which you will have unlocked all of the best perk cards in the game. Doing this will prevent you from wasting perk points on absolutely USELESS perk cards, that you’ll more than likely get duplicates of later on in your grind from Perk Packs, and get you spending them points on more essential perks later on in the game.

9. Explore the Map early, place your camp well

You’ll constantly find yourself in the terrible situation of not being able to quick travel around the map due to you have to spend all your caps jumping from location to location. Quick reminder: Vault 76 is a FREE Travel! If you explore the map, find a lot of locations, where everything is, and then place your camp according to where you’re mainly focused on in the game, you’ll save yourself a LOT of caps in travelling fees.

8. You can make 1400 EASY Caps a day

So although you might not be quite at the point of making thousands of caps in an instant selling sought after Legendary’s, you can STILL break into your economic future by selling a bunch of garbage to vendor’s every single day. And I highly recommend doing so. Low levels will have a SLIGHTLY more difficult time trying to max their caps due to low level weapons not selling for much, but if you use the perk card: Hard Bargain under Charisma, you can definitely maximize profit gain from selling to vendors. On top of this, if you ask around to some high level players (or high level friends), they can bring you to higher level grinding locations, in which you can kill and loot end game enemies to sell their weapons for a lot more. Besides selling weapons to the Vendors, boiled and purified water can fetch a high price, so grinding and selling that can be beneficial.

7. Complete Public Events & Daily’s for Gold

This is a quick tip for players who’ve completed the main campaign, the good one… you know, with the NPC’s? You’ve started on your Gold Bullion grind, but you’re completely lost as to where to begin, well, that’s where daily’s and events come into play. ALL Daily quests give you Bullion, anywhere from 1-3 PER quest, typically depending on the difficulty of the quest. Public Events (The event with the ! in the event icon) give Gold Bullion, whereas regular events DO NOT. This gives good incentive to quickly run and complete your daily’s, participate in Public Events, and do your Faction Daily Quests to also gain reputation. Gold Bullion is a GRIND, and you want to make sure you get as many treasury notes as you can to max out every day.

6. Friends means Benefits

I get that 90% of the folks in these types of games complains about being anti-social, but what’s funny is that I’ve hardly EVER run into quiet players. Playing in a group will benefit you in a bunch of different ways, the bigger the group, the more the benefits will be. Not only can they help you out in different public events or content, BUT whenever they complete a quest, you get caps from THEM completing it! On top of that, there are numerous perk cards that benefit you from working in a group, such as Inspirational for more XP, Strange in Numbers which boosts your mutations, Bodyguard which gives a beautiful amount of damage resistance, and so much more (typically under the Charisma tree). I highly recommend making sure you constantly check all the benefits from perk cards you can get from being in a group.

5. Talk to ALL NPC

Quite a number of folks have asked me about NPC interaction, and let me tell you that there’s a whole lot more than you might realize. There are TONS of NPC roaming around the Wasteland, many of which will just give a quick line of dialogue, but many that will also give you some dialogue options for loot, xp, and (if you’re lucky) faction reputation! So many people just run by the roaming NPC’s, but you should give em a quick click just to see if they’ll interact with you.

4. Settler’s or Raiders?

This is one of the BIGGEST decisions in the game, because you’re left wondering WHICH one gives the better loot? Answer: Both. You can actually do BOTH of the factional campaigns all the way up to the FINALE quest, as to which you’ll be forced to choose which faction you want to gain more reputation in. The problem is that the game sometimes makes it feel like you choose one and ONLY one, but in reality you should be grinding BOTH of them up until that final quest point. This way, you get all of the rewards from each faction AND get an early crack at upping your reputation in both, because trust me… leveling up your reputation is an absolute nightmare in the games current state. Might as well get that rep as high as you can!

3. Figure out early which Weapons are for YOU

Although, yes, you CAN technically create a build to include every single weapon in the game, that’s not really the best way to play, as you loose out so much in other S.P.E.C.I.A.L. areas in doing so (For those curious, that would be maxing out Strength, Perception, and Agility). Trust me, there are so many perks you want in other SPECIAL points to compliment your build, so don’t focus on ALL weapons, focus on your favorites. If you’re Heavy Gunner/Melee/Shotgun, go into Strength. If you like Non-Auto/Fully-Auto/Bow weapons, Perception is the way to go. Finally, if you like Pistols, both Automatic and Single Fire, you’ll want Agility. You can pretty comfortably run TWO of those THREE (I highly recommend 15 in Strength for almost every build, as it benefits you more than just those weapon boosts) but find what weapons you like, and try to build your character around that specifically.

2. Legendary’s for Scrip

When you start earning legendary’s, DO NOT SELL THE BAD ONES. At every train station in the game, there is a Legendary Vendor machine that you can “scrip” your Legendary’s at, giving you a specific type of new currency. At the Rusty Pick in the Ash Heap, you can actually trade your Legendary Scrip for either random legendary weapons and armor, or get Legendary Modules and Steel Scrip to craft things that require it. You can get up to 150 Scrip per day (up to 1000 total), so you might as well save your garbage legendary’s for scrip!

1. Only carry what you need

Inventory management in Fallout 76 could literally be the main campaign, it’s that intricate. And annoying. Half the playing time could be you frustratingly trying to manage your 800/800 Stash, and your 1300/200 inventory. You’re standing there, wondering what to do, and let me tell you… drop the stuff you don’t need. There’s SO useless stuff to you, and there’s always easy ways to grind specific items you need at the right time, but carrying 100 missiles or 2000 lead JUST because it “Might come in handy ONE day” is stupid. Drop it, sell it, trade it, just get rid of it. Remember, your perk cards that reduce carry weight of items DO NOT apply to your stash. If you’re a dedicated 76 player, you can always grab the incredibly overpriced and hardly worth it Fallout 1st to get the “scrap kit” that basically stores unlimited junk for you, but besides that, you need to use perk cards to help you carry more, get backpack upgrades that allow you to carry more (There’s backpack mods that LITERALLY give you perks from perk cards, like Chemist reduces your chems weight by 90%, freeing up that perk card space in Strength). The inventory management in this game is horrific, and you’ll constantly be frustrated if you’re a hoarder, so just embrace the fact that you simply can’t carry the world in your backpack.

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