The Ashen Winds World Event is marked by a fierce fiery tornado which can spawn at a few specific islands. Here’s the guide to complete the Ashen Winds World Event.

This guide was created by the team using the amazing advice and images provided to us by our good friend ChimneySwift11. If you enjoyed the guide, consider checking out his live streams on TWITCH

Beginning the Ashen Winds World Event

This event rotates with all the other world events, meaning it won’t always be active. If you’re looking to complete this event, then you may need to wait for it to show up, or hop to another server where it’s currently active. If your crew is the first to arrive at the island this world event is taking place, you will witness a group of ashen skeletons performing a ritual. Once you get close enough, the ritual will complete and one of four ashen lords will claw their way out of the depths of burning skeleton hell to begin the fight.

Ashen Lords of the Ashen Winds

Here are the names of the four Ashen Lords that you could encounter:

  • Warden Chi
  • Red Ruth
  • Captain Grimm
  • Old Horatio

Ashen Winds World Event Locations

Here are the possible locations that the Ashen Winds World Event can take place:

  • Cannon Cove
  • Devil’s Ridge
  • Kraken’s Fall
  • Marauder’s Arch
  • Mermaid’s Hideaway
  • Shipwreck Bay
  • Wanderer’s Refuge
*Ashen Lords will typically spawn near a spot on these islands that have an Ammo Chest as well as near a body of water. This allows players to easily douse fire and reload their weapons.

Defeating the Ashen Winds World Event

This battle is pretty straight forward, and only contains three phases. The end of each phase will be marked by the Ashen Lord dropping to their knees and muttering some phrase about needing to rest. Luckily you can still slash away at the Ashen Lords health while they’re “down.” The start of the next phase will begin when they stand up.

In addition to the Ashen Lord, you will also encounter Ashen Skeletons that the Ashen Lord will summon. Each skeleton only has about 50 HP so two quick sword slashes or a well aimed sword lunge is all that is needed to take them out.

Ashen Winds World Event - Phase 1

Regardless of which Ashen Lord you’re fighting, they ALL have the same attacks. This makes it easier for us to remember which attacks to expect.

Phase 1 Attacks

  • Lunge Attack: the Ashen Lord jumps towards a player, dealing damage and knocking them back when hit.
  • Melee Attack: the Ashen Lord will hit players that get too close with a melee attack. This inflicts damage and knocks them back
  • Summon Ashen Skeletons: the Ashen Lord will summon a group of Ashen Skeletons. These skeletons are pretty weak and can easily be defeated with a sword.
  • Rock Throw: the Ashen Lord throws a rock at a player which deals damage if hit.
  • Meteor: the Ashen Lord hurls a flaming meteor into the air. When this lands, it deals damage and sets any player hit on fire. It can also be used against a player ship if it is in range, so be VERY careful as this attack has the ability to sink your boat.
  • Ash Cloud: the Ashen Lord will create a thick cloud of ash that makes it extremely hard to see.
  • Fire Breath: the Ashen Lord breathes fire out of their mouth like a flamethrower. Any player hit by the fire will take damage and be on fire.

Ashen Winds World Event - Phase 2

Once you’ve gotten the Ashen Lord down to 75% health, phase two will begin, bringing a new attack to watch out for in addition to what we’ve seen so far.

Phase 2 Attacks

  • Ground Slam (Shockwave): The Ashen Lord will slam the ground with full strength which will set players on fire and launch them into the air. This attack can also damage nearby ships if they are too close.

Ashen Winds World Event - Phase 3

The Final Phase will begin when the Ashen Lord is at 50% health. This last phase is a bit tricky as the attack that is added is quite fierce.

Phase 3 Attacks

  • World’s End (Meteor Shower): The Ashen Lord will kneel down, calling forth a volcanic eruption from the sky. During this attack, flaming meteors will rain down from the sky, damaging players and ships upon impact. Geysers will also erupt on the ground and if any players are standing on them they will be launched into the air. If your ship is in range of this attack and is hit by a meteor, it could be catastrophic. Make sure your boat is parked far enough away that this attack can’t hit your ship.

Ashen Winds Rewards

After defeating the Ashen Lord you will receive the following rewards:

1 Ashen Winds Skull

1 Ritual Skull

1 Chest of Rage

You’ll also receive a variety of 15 Devil’s Roar Treasure items (including but not guaranteed):

Unlocked Ashen Chest 

Collector’s Chest 

Ashen Bounty Skulls (any type)

Devil’s Roar Artefacts (any type)

Ashen Treasure Chests (any type)

Devil’s Roar Trade Good Crates (any type)

Ashen Winds Strategies

Here are some strategies for anyone attempting to complete this. Generally speaking, using weapons and attacks like cannons, tridents, blunderbuss and sword lunges all work well to speed up the slaughter of the Ashen Lords. Always carrying a bucket filled with water in the event that you are set on fire is also a smart choice.

Solo Strategies

Completing the Ashen Winds World Event solo is no easy task, but it absolutely can be achieved and is a very fun challenge. We suggest that you park your boat a ways away and launch yourself to the island. Equipping a sword and a blunderbuss is also suggested. To do this solo you’ll need to be constantly moving, inflicting damage with your blunderbuss and sword as much as possible. An easy way to eliminate the Ashen Skeletons is to sword lunge through them. If for some reason you are back on your boat and the boss attacks your ship, I’d advise you to sail away so that you can get out of range and repair. Attempting to complete this solo by using your cannons on the boss is asking for trouble, so it’s best to do this one by hand on the island.

Team Strategies

You have a lot more choices when fighting as a team. The easiest strategy we’ve found is to have 1 player aggro the boss and lure them to a beach. Then the rest of the team can get on the cannons of your ship to hit the Ashen Lord with cannonballs. As long as the boss maintains aggro on the player that’s on the shoreline this plan works very well. If the boss shifts aggro to someone on the ship for some reason, then you need to be careful as some attacks can deal heavy damage to your ship.

A more straightforward team strategy though, is to have the entire team on the island fighting the Ashen Lord with a sword, blunderbuss, eye of reach, trident, kitchen sink, etc.

Ashen Winds Commendations

There are quite a few commendations you can earn by completing the Ashen Winds World Event. Here is a list of the Commendations that will earn you a reward for completing them.

Rewarding Commendations Unlocks

Hunter of Captain Grimm

Defeat Captain Grimm 5 times

Unlocks the
Grimm's Bane Tattoo

Hunter of Red Ruth

Defeat Red Ruth 5 times

Unlocks the
Ruth's Bane Tattoo

Hunter of Old Horatio

Defeat Old Horatio 5 times

Unlocks the 
Horatio's Bane Tattoo

Hunter of Warden Chi

Defeat Warden Chi 5 times

Unlocks the Chi’s Bane Tattoo

Banisher of the Flame

Defeat 25 Ashen Lords

Unlocks the “Banisher of the Flame” title

Warsmith of the Flame

Set fire to 10 Skeleton Ships with an Ashen Winds Skull

Unlocks the “Warsmith of the Flame” title

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