Sea of Thieves Guides

If you’re trying to figure out the basics to Sea of Thieves, we gotcha covered. From various random activities such as fishing and fighting, to knowing more about the different ships and how to sail them, these basic guides will help you ease your way into the game, whether your a solo player, team player, or grouping up with random crewmates.

Merchant Alliance Trade Route

Merchant Trade Routes

Season Two has added NEW trade routes to help boost your Merchant Alliance Reputation and make some extra gold. This isn't an actual voyage, but is basically a side quest. Check them out here.

Sea of Thieves Fishing

Fishing Guide

With 100 different possibilities of fish to catch and tons of accommodations, fishing is by far the most legal fun you can have in the Sea of Thieves. So pull up your camp chairs, sit back, and enjoy the Fishing Guide for the Sea of Thieves.