So you want to become a Pirate Legend eh? Well hold fast lad, this isn’t as easy as sailing a rowboat up stream. Achieving the “Pirate Legend” title ain’t just about proving your worth to the alliances. It’s about surviving everything the Sea of Thieves throws at you along the way! So listen closely to this here guide as it contains  everything you need to know to set you on your way to Becoming a Pirate Legend!

This guide was created by the team using the amazing advice and images provided to us by our good friend ChimneySwift11. If you enjoyed the guide, consider checking out his live streams on TWITCH

Steps to Becoming a Pirate Legend

The first step towards becoming a Pirate Legend in Sea of Thieves is to reach level 50 in 3 of these Trading Companies:

  • Merchant Alliance
  • Gold Hoarders
  • Order of Souls
  • Reaper’s Bones
  • Hunter’s Call
  • Sea Dogs (PVP arena)

Once that is completed, you must speak to Mysterious Stranger at any outpost’s Tavern. He will congratulate you on becoming a Pirate Legend and give you the “We Shall Sail Together” shanty, “Pirate Legend” vanity title, and Legendary Set clothing.

With the new shanty unlocked and an instrument in your hand, play the new tune near the spot shown in the image below to open a secret passageway that will lead you under the tavern and into the Athena’s Fortune Hideout.

Athena's Fortune Hideout

This is the main perk to becoming a Pirate Legend. This hideout grants Pirate Legends access to exclusive cosmetics and a new questing faction: Athena’s. Your non-Pirate Legend friends can wander down here with you, as long as a Pirate Legend opens the way, but they cannot access the vendor’s wares until they become a Pirate Legend themselves.

The Athena’s Fortune itself is where you go to collect all your new cosmetics, as well as pick up your Athena’s quests from the captain inside the ship. BUT, if you already have a purchased Athena’s quest in your inventory, you don’t need to travel down every time to sail the Athena’s Flag, you simply need to vote where the Duke is standing in the main island Tavern.

This shop offers equipment, weapons, vanity, and clothing.

Pirate Legend Vendor Legendary Luke

This “must stop” shop carries some of the most prestigious outfits, just be prepared to pay a hefty coin for them.

This shipwright sells the finest ship cosmetics.

Pirate Legend Vendor Legendary Liz

These pricey cosmetics are for those pirates who want their ship to look just as amazing as they do.

Voyages can be purchased here for those who wish to increase their newly acquired Athena’s Fortune reputation and level.

Pirate Legend Voyage Vendor Pirate Lord

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