A lot of PC Players enjoy having a much more custom experience when they’re playing ESO, so they use a couple Addons. And by a couple, I mean so many that ESO looks more like some sort of cringy wannabe dubstep DJ’s light show.

Here are the Addons that I personally recommend for those of you wanting to help out with number crunching, organizing your builds, and generally making the overall ESO grind quicker and easier to manage.

MAKE SURE YOU DOWNLOAD MINION!!! Minion is the most perfect Addon manager that organizes, downloads, and updates your Addons for you in the easiest way possible. If you’re going to start using Addons, please, for all that is good in this world, use Minion: https://minion.mmoui.com/

This mod is absolutely fantastic, and completely re-models the User Interface of the game. LUI is perfect for those wanting a quick way to custom make your experience in ESO, from buffs and debuff tracking, resource bars, combat info and text, unit frames for all your enemies and allies, and so much more. With LUI, you’re able to also receive messages for almost all your researches and trades in the game, making it easy to manage your horse skills, experience and inspiration gain, and all the different items you get. For anyone wanting an “All-in-one” Addon that helps with massive organization and micro-managing every little piece of your screen, LUI is a must have.

Download: https://www.esoui.com/downloads/info818-LuiExtended.html

Those of you build building psychopaths that can’t function unless your builds are PERFECT, well, this is an addon to put your heart at ease. Alpha Gear is hands down the best build organization addon in the game, allowing you to easily copy and paste your builds into the tool, including all the armor, weapons, even bar slots, and then you’re able to save your builds. One of the best parts is that you can toggle your different builds to various hotkeys, so when you’re in a dungeon and you need to switch gear quickly, well, hit your button and WHAM, your now wearing what you need. Alpha Gear is a great Addon tool for anyone who loves organizing their various builds into one simple spot to find and select.

Download: https://www.esoui.com/downloads/info1812-AlphaGear2.html

THIS is the Addon you NEED for when you plan on going on your fantastic nerdy shopping spree. Lets face it, the guild trader interface in the vanilla ESO game is more annoying to use than purposefully letting mosquito’s sting you. Therefore, Awesome Guild Store offers and AMAZING way to upgrade that hot garbage into a BEAUTIFUL and very simple to use Guild Trader layout, allowing you to easily search for, limit to, and specify exactly what you want to find. It’s honestly the best way to get your stuff and get out without the hassle of scrolling through rows of garbage before finding something you want.

Download: https://www.esoui.com/downloads/info695-AwesomeGuildStore.html

The addon for the DPS nuts out there. Or healing… or tanking, I don’t judge. This is a fantastic and simple to use addon that will track your damage dealt, damage tanked, or healing done, and then compile it into a beautiful list, brought up by typing /cmx into the chat after your done in combat. It also includes an awesome small bar, able to be customized and places wherever you want, tracking all that combat info you want to see live during your fights. Altogether, a really solid Addon for figuring out how your build is holding up.

Download: https://www.esoui.com/downloads/info1360-CombatMetrics.html

If your an advanced player, far into the game, or brand new, this Addon takes ALL the locations you have not yet discovered, bosses you haven’t defeated, achievements you haven’t found, plus a ton more, and puts them smack dab on your map, allowing you to easily track and chase after the stuff you might’ve missed. This is my go-to addon for when I’m wanting to go out and explore, to make sure that I’ve got every little piece on EVERY map discovered. Plus, it really helps out in places like Public Dungeons, when you want the achievements for finding and killing all the bosses.

Download: https://www.esoui.com/downloads/info667-Destinations.html

This one if for all the farmers out there. Harvest Map is a fantastic Addon, which will display any of the resource nodes AND chests you’ve discovered on not only your map, but also putting a marker above them IN the open world itself (Kind of like that one passive you can get in the crafting skill lines). It helps you know exactly where the resources you want are, the density of them in a location, and filters which one your looking for. This makes speed farming a LOT quicker, giving crafters or guild trader sellers an easy way to get the resources they need.

Download: https://www.esoui.com/downloads/info57-HarvestMapEsoheadMarkers.html

I have a love hate relationship with this Addon, because I toggled it to a dumb key that is right beside my weapon swap key, so sometimes I pull this up in the middle of fights, and I’m gonna keep on complaining about it because I’m just too lazy to bind it to some other key. ANYWAYS, Inventory Insight is basically what everybody wants in this game, a way to quickly check ALL your items across ALL your characters without having to do the painful “Login – Search – Logout – Login Search – Logout – Login – Search – Find- Logout – Remember you forgot something else – Login” endless stupidity that we’ve ALL been through. This is a simple way to easily find anything you thought you had across all your characters, without that hassle.

Download: https://www.esoui.com/downloads/info731-InventoryInsight.html

This Addon is simple, shows ALL the Skyshards you’ve missed on your map, so you can just run around like a little child chasing a butterfly.

Download: https://www.esoui.com/downloads/info128-SkyShards.html

Remember what I said about Skyshards? Yup, this is the same, except with Lorebooks, which means that you can now, once again, enter the mindless grind of collecting lorebooks to prove to your friends that you have that Meteor ultimate that you’ll more than likely use for a while, and then realize that there’s better ultimate’s.

Download: https://www.esoui.com/downloads/info288-LoreBooks.html

Oh sweet GLORIOUS day, this is the Addon everyone needs. “Where are you Kevduit?” is probably one of the most overused phrases on my Live streams. LOOK AT THE TOP RIGHT CORNER IT LITERALLY TELLS YOU. Votan’s Minimap is a fantastic Addon that allows you to place a minimap (you determine the size) wherever you want on your screen. You can adjust every little part of it, how zoomed in the map is, what does it show, what is the shape, transparency, all that good stuff we know and love. Some Addons have minimaps built in, but if they do, I always turn them off and JUST use Votan’s because it’s literally the best one out there.

Download: https://www.esoui.com/downloads/info1399-VotansMiniMap.html

Now I know this might be throwing LUI’s buff tracker under the bus a little bit, but Srendarr’s is 100% dedicated to giving potentially the greatest Buff and Debuff tracker that an Addon can offer. It’s quite a bit more complicated, though, but allows you to have the utmost customization in every aspect, making sure that you ALWAYS have that Major Brutality up, so you make it fill up the whole screen. Or whatever floats your boat. I would recommend Srendarr’s to more ADVANCED players, people who are around OR above the CP cap, because it’s quite a complicated setup, and not worth your time if you don’t fully understand what your doing. Until you reach that point, LUI’s buff and debuff tracker will work fine for you.

Download: https://www.esoui.com/downloads/info655-Srendarr-AuraBuffDebuffTracker.html

Okay, so you might assume that because this is #13 on my not at all “least favorite to most favorite” list, that you can look over it. Don’t. No, don’t give me that garbage “But it’s so far down the list” garbage, this Addon is perfect, so shut up, sit done, and hang onto your seat, cause this Addon it amazing. It LITERALLY tracks ALL your current crafting researches, what items you HAVE to research, how much longer it’ll take, what you’ve already researched, ALL the craftable sets in the game, all your mount training, and not only that, but you see ALL your characters info on one character, just to help know what you need without the unnecessary “Swapping of the Toons.” Crafters, get this Addon, you won’t regret it. And if you do, your wrong.

Download: https://www.esoui.com/downloads/info1376-CraftStoreFixedandImproved.html

This is my favorite Addon to have disabled at all times unless I’m actually shopping. When I’m shopping, it’s my favorite Addon in the entire game. Master Merchant tracks ALL purchases made on almost every single item in the game, creating a specific economy to help YOU make a smart purchase and not get ripped off. It organizes the price you should be paying (around) for almost all items, what you’ve bought, what you’ve sold, and continuously updates as the economy changes and items become worth more or less. A must have Addon for anybody that uses Guild Traders. So everyone, basically.

Download: https://www.esoui.com/downloads/info928-MasterMerchant.html

Have you ever decided that instead of playing Battlegrounds, or hitting up the trails, that you’ll go out and complete those dozens of side quests that are just SITTING on the map, somewhere to be found in some strange location you’d never expect? Yeah, we all go through that. And that moment is where Quest Map comes in handy. This will show you ALL the locations of the quests that you’ve never done, where to find the quest starters, and then removes those quests once you’ve completed them. It’s quite a simple Addon, and you can choose EXACTLY what you want to see, whether than be uncompleted, competed, started, manually hidden, or main region campaign quests, PLUS quests that contain a skill point when you complete them.

Download: https://www.esoui.com/downloads/info1022-QuestMap.html

This is the Addon that helps you not get decapitated while your running around with your raid group wishing you had something to warn you ahead of time. Raid Notifier is more focused on the advanced endgame content, helping players know where certain boss mechanics are about to happen, so as to easily avoid them when they swing out in front of you. For those of you going into raids, trying to get those SMOOTH runs, RaidNotifier is the way to go to help you avoid those messy one shot deaths.

Download: https://www.esoui.com/downloads/info1355-RaidNotifierUpdated.html

For right now, this will be my main list of Addons that I absolutely love, and deem worthy of being on this website because I use them on a daily basis. I have MANY other addons that are “Here or there” uses, but really don’t level the playing field, revolutionize the game, or make it easier to get stuff done. These are obviously quick reviews of each Addon and where I’ve PERSONALLY found them helpful, but I know that each and every one of them is very specific to the user. If you like them, make sure to let the Addon creators know by liking or sharing their content, as they put a lot of time and effort into them, making sure they work properly.