Elsweyr is literally a gold mine, and most players don’t even know it yet. By slaughtering dragon after dragon in search of INCREDIBLY pricey furnishing items, if YOU want a new Gold Grind Locations, Elsweyr is here to cuddle you. Here is the best way to Grinding Gold in Elsweyr: Dragons

The Gold Grind Begins

I thought I’d start with the MOST entertaining thing that ESO has introduced into their game: Dragons. These bad boys not only drop great loot to just immediately sell to merchants and items to deconstruct or research, they ALSO provide incredibly expensive new furnishing pieces and potential motifs to those willing to grind.

Dragons AREN’T by ANY means soloable, and even if you could solo a dragon, it’s probably not worth the stress you’d go through, but when you’re fighting in massive groups to take these things down, this makes the grind for a TON of gold even more fun. As you hunt dragons down, there are a couple of key Dragon spawning locations that you’ll want to mark on your map to KNOW where they might be. See below for all the dragon fighting locations

When you come across a furnishing item that has the name “Eslweyr” in it, KEEP IT AND SELL IT. These can go for upwards of hundreds of thousands of gold if rare enough. On top of that, keep an eye out for ANY new motif items only obtained through grinding in Elsweyr, these will be either purple OR gold if you find an entire motif book. These, like the furnishing items, can sell for a RIDICULOUS amount of gold. This is hands down the best way to grind for gold in Elder Scrolls Online in its current state.

Dragon spawn continuously throughout the day, almost at a Dolmen-like rate. Simply grab the key wayshrines you need to get close, and then bounce around from one to the next. There MAY be a lull in dragon spawns here and there, but for the most part you can grind non-stop.

Well, I hope this helps you in your Gold Grinding missions, because Elsweyr Dragons DEFINITELY bring competition to how fast you can make gold in Elder Scrolls Online

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