Fallout 76 Lead Farming

Fallout 76 Lead Farm

The Lucky Hole Mine

Lucky Hole Mine is located at the BOTTOM of your map in between the Savage Divide and the Cranberry Bog. This particular mine contains an absolute TON of Lead (and Crystal) for you to finally have enough to support all that heavy ammo you’ve been chewing through.

The Lucky Hole Mine is one of the larger, more complicated tunnel systems in the game, so here’s a map of the entire location, showing off some of the key area points we’ll talk about later on.

Fallout 76 Lucky Hole Mine Map

The red circle locations are KEY Lead farming areas, some of which are inside the hidden tunnels around 4 & 7, and some are located in small nooks, like the three in the top left. It’s important to check places that you’d not usually look, like in bushes, on the roof, around pillars, even walk backwards to see if you missed any that were facing the opposite direction.

Excavator Power Armor

Before you even TOUCH an OUNCE of that lead, please make sure that you’ve fully equipped your Excavator Power Armor. This specific armor does more than allow you to carry way more than usual, it also mines 4 times as much while wearing it. This will completely maximize the amount of Lead (and crystal) gained from this mine, making it far more worth the while… not to mention you can actually carry it all.

Fallout 76 Excavator Power Armor

If you don’t actually have Excavation Power Armor (yet) you can either get a friend to craft you some OR head over to the Garrahan Mining headquarters over in the Ash Heap. Simply clear out the area and grab the plans down in the Power Armor crafting room… but watch out, sometimes Wendigo’s like to stream snipe you down there.

Mole Miners, Moles, and Crickets

These mines usually have 2 of these enemies at once, either the Miners & Moles or the Miners & Crickets. Often times you’ll hear them fighting each other, or you’ll just run into groups of them separately. Regardless, remember that Mole Miners often times use shotguns and missile launchers, so make sure that you come prepared to fend them, off.

On the other hand, Moles and Crickets provide a good amount of food and secondary resources, so you might as well clear them out and loot them just for the bonus material.

Fallout 76 Lead Farm

Secret Room

Oftentimes these kind of mines have small hidden rooms. This place has two, only one of which we’ll mention here (cause the other secret room is better experienced when you find it yourself.)

If you look at the map, location 8 is a Chemistry Room, and contains just that. If you’re finding yourself over encumbered or want to smelt your stuff down, this is the convenient place to do so.

Fallout 76 Lead Farm

Also, with this room comes a couple of great loot finds. Firstly, you’ll notice that there’s USUALLY a ritual mask sitting on the computer, which is the one I personally use the most. Second, there is a pretty high chance of a bobblehead to drop in this room as well, so much so to give a quick look around for that. Lastly, those SWEET, SWEET meds. Make sure to loot all the counter tops and shelves for a good amount of (usually randomized) drugs throughout.

Fallout 76 Lead Farm

Finally, the actual Farm

There are NUMEROUS areas for the lead to spawn in, so just waltz throughout the mines, scouring the walls, pillars, roof, and even floors for any lead deposits you can find. I found a LOT of them would be tucked away in small sections (usually around minecarts) so whenever you see little dugouts or side mines, give em a quick look over

Fallout 76 Lead Farm

Then, in the tunnels between 4 and 7, make sure you REALLY look hard, as there’s probably the most amount of lead in this tunnel alone, but it’s hidden quite well. Most of the time you’ll catch the lead you missed on the way OUT of the mine, but just make sure to give it a solid look, back and forth, just to make sure you’ve got all of it.

Fallout 76 Lead Farm

Finally, there are two other rooms you’ll want to check the walls heavily for, and that’s the two rooms between 5 and 6. One of the rooms is filled with water, and usually has much more crystal than lead BUT the next room, right beside 5, is typically filled to the brim with lead deposits, so make sure you scan up and down the walls.

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