Valheim Best Mountain Biome Seed

My buddy Jailkin and I have been searching for the BEST Silver mining Mountain Biomes that aren’t ridiculously far from spawn, so you can just create this world, 3 minute run over to the Mountain and start mining!

He came across this Mountain biome which is insanely close to the spawn site and has over 10 Silver deposits all within JUST the south side of the mountain area. It spans quite far up and around, with MANY more deposits to be found, with tons of cabins and ruins to collect good loot and rare resources from. On top of ALL this, there are 6 Dragon Egg spawn locations!

The Mountain Map Seed

Like always, if you want to skip the pleasantries and get right into the map, here’s the Biome seed (it’s case sensitive!)

Mountain Seed: C4kAd3bYE3

In order to summon the Fourth boss in the game, Moder, you need to collect THREE dragon eggs, each weighing enough that you can only carry one at a time. This map gives off 6 easy Dragon Eggs so you won’t have to go searching for hours!

Silver, Cabins, and Castles oh my!

One of the best parts about this map is how many things are farmable here. Silver is the absolute best when it’s all in a short distance from each other, meaning you don’t have to keep running crazy distances to mine it all, and luckily this map has 10 deposits all in that ONE area (that’s gonna be a solid 300+ Silver right there. At LEAST.)

Then you’ve got many cabins scattered throughout, all of the marked ones containing a chest with valuable loot! The Castles, sadly, do not have a moder rune locator, but they DO have chests and skeleton spawners if you’re wanting to farm bones!

Finally, there’s one of those fancy spiral crypts down into the mountain that you can use as a sheltered based if you want! I’ve seen a lot of folks turn them into the coolest houses.

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