So, you might log in to Fallout 76 for the first time, and realize that the big beautiful easy to remember perk system has been TOTALLY revamped. Where do you even START? Are there perks worth forgetting? Will then benefit you in End Game content? Well, here is a quick guide to point you in the right direction, perks that will help you both in the beginning AND End Game content, no matter where you go or what you build! Here are the Best Perk Cards in Fallout 76 for Beginner’s.

Strength Perks

I am one to believe that Strength can be possibly one of the BEST places to dump and entire 15 points. There are so many incredibly useful perks that you can eventually get, not to mention your character can literally one shot end game enemies if you build them right. Here are a couple perks that will help in MASSIVE ways


Traveling Pharmacy can be obtained right off the bat, and GREATLY reduces the weight of chems, which (trust me) they STACK UP.

Pack Rat, one of the greatest perks anytime, anywhere. This enables you to carry a LOT more junk without being weighed down.

Strong Back is, of course, THEE perk of legends, allowing you to have straight up extra carry capacity. Definitely recommended for players grinding resources.

Bear Arms, even if you DON’T use heavy guns, is heavily recommended for any player wanting even ONE heavy gun. You can lower the weight of guns to nearly nothing

Perception Perks

Perception is fantastic for V.A.T.S., as well as bonuses for rifle users and fights against glowing enemies. Perception has a LOT of diversity with its perk cards, enough that it makes it worth putting a lot of points into, especially for end game content.


Butcher’s Bounty is a GREAT perk for anyone starting out, as it gives a bonus chance to harvest extra meat from animals, which is very important for trying to sustain food

Awareness is more handy than people think, as it helps players understand how to properly fight certain enemies by scanning them with V.A.T.S.

Glow Sight may be one of my favorite perks, as it allows players to easily take down the rather intense glowing enemies that tank pretty hard.

Endurance Perks

Endurance is the underdog of the Perk system… and for good reason. At this point in the game, there AREN’T a whole lot of perks really worth putting points into E for, but at the beginning you might want to consider these just to ease up your adventuring a bit, prevent some natural damages.


Adamantium Skeleton is the first perks I’d suggest, as limb damage can be incredibly frustrating to deal with

Aquaboy, the ONLY reason that I have 1 point into endurance currently, simply because it saves you a LOT of radiation damage having this helpful perk

Charisma Perks

Charisma, opposite to popular belief, is FAR more helpful than one might think, even as a SOLO player! Charisma grants players a lot of helpful cap saving AND making bonuses, resistances, and if you do, in fact, have a partner, up to 15% bonus XP gain!


Inspirational, easily obtained at level 2, grants a GREAT XP bonus just for being in a team. This is a MUST HAVE ability for anyone playing in a team.

Lone Wanderer, potentially the best Perk card in the game for solo players, grants a GREAT amount of damage resistance as well as AP regen. You cannot pass this up if you’re going out there alone.

Hard Bargain is the one perk you NEED to make a greater amount of caps than usual. Literally cheapens purchasing items AND increases value of what you’re selling.

Travel Agent, this is another fantastic perk to ALWAYS have on your character, at all times. This simply makes fast traveling significantly cheaper.

Intelligence Perks

Intelligence is one of the areas of the game that benefits the durability of your weaponry AND helps you make the most out of crafting. From weapons, armor, chemistry, tinkering, absolutely EVERYTHING depends on how much you put into Intelligence when it comes to crafting. Here are some incredibly helpful Fallout 76 Perk Cards in Intelligence


Scrapper is great to grab to begin your deconstructing journey, giving you a ton of components from weapons and armor.

Contractor is a must have for ANYONE planning on building their home. No matter WHO you are, this is a must have ability to make your housing project quite a bit cheaper on materials.

Chemist is one of those perks that you always forget you have and only remember when it’s too late. Chemistry isn’t always cheap, so why not DOUBLE what you craft?

Although acquired quite later on, remember that this perk grants an AMAZING reduction to carrying around power armor, which can bog any player down

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Agility Perks

Agility is purely focused on Action Points and furthering your mobility. There’s a lot of things that can severely slow you down in Fallout 76, so having perks that grant you the ability to actually RUN and MOVE is typically a refreshing thing to have. On top of that, Agility can also help out with other areas like crafting and damage dealing, so it’s important to spec into this field.


Thru-Hiker is one of those abilities that graciously reduces your carry weight, because food and drink is BEYOND heavy without this perk.

Ammosmith, one of the abilities that ONCE AGAIN you forget about until it’s too late. Make SURE to slap this on your character as you craft bullets, especially as a low level who has limited resources.

Adrenaline is a pure damage dealing ability that will definitely help players take down multiple enemies in a sequence, an ability that is sustained by killing.

Luck Perks

Finally, Luck, one of my absolute FAVORITE perk lines in the game. Luck gives players absolutely amazing perks to dealing damage, critical strikes, stuns, getting bonus resources, and more. Luck is definitely a skill tree to look into, especially for the perks of gaining bonus GOOD items.


Pharma Farma is BEYOND important for new players, simply because aid items can be brutal to obtain, but Pharma Farma grants bonus chances to get extra Aid.

Scrounger is another “extra item” perk card, granting players the chance of getting more ammo in containers.

Can Do! Once again, another extra item perk that grants you a chance at getting more canned food when searching containers

Fallout 76 Woodchucker Perk Card

Woodchucker is a simply yet incredibly helpful perk for new players needing wood for boiling water, cooking, etc. Incredibly helpful at any point in the game.

Fallout 76 Bloody Mess Perk Card

Bloody Mess is one of my favorite perks in the game. You wanna know why? STRAIGHT BONUS DAMAGE

Fallout 76 Super Duper

Super Duper. This, my friends, shall become your new best friend, giving a great chance of crafting double of ANYTHING you craft. The most amazing perk in the world for crafters.

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