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Valheim Best Swamp Biome

Valheim Best Swamp Biome Seed

In Valheim, sometimes you just need a map that has exactly what you want, and typically that involves having LOTS of Crypts to mine Iron from. 

This is a great Swamp Biome seed I found while just randomly generating maps in valheim, with a spawn location INCREDIBLY close to the swamp you need to get to!

The Map Seed

I’ll make this easy so you don’t have to keep scrolling for 15 pages

Best Swamp Biome Map Seed: TSaHwhQCa8

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Details about the Map

If you want to know a little more about why this map is great, this is the section to read!

I like convenience and not having to travel for 30 minutes to get to where I need, and when that need is Swamp Crypts this map is one of the best you’ll find. Probably not the CLOSEST Swamp Biome to spawn, but only a short 5 minute run to get there is pretty good considering it’s just a Meadow flowing straight into the Swamp with BARELY a Black Forest in between.

Now what makes this particular Swamp biome special? The fact that it has SEVENTEEN Crypts just waiting to be salvaged! It IS a fairly large swamp, so I mapped out all the locations of the Crypts (hopefully I got all of them, pretty sure I did), which will really cut down your time in having to panic rush around getting chased by leeches and Draugr.

This Swamp also includes a heap of Draugr spawning locations, castles, and LOTS of ruins with chests to be looted! Usually I don’t get very lucky with Swamps, but this time there are a lot of reasons to use this map for all your farming needs!