Everyone seems to think that leveling in ESO is simply a race that must be won, and if that’s so, everyone loses because your build will be absolute trash by level 50. Today, we’re going over some ways to MAXIMIZE the efficiency of your build by the time you hit level 50, as well as some great ways to speed up the process all the while. Here is the most effective way to Leveling in ESO.


Delves are HANDS DOWN one of the best ways to level up, especially the ones that have those BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL bookshelves in them. Delves always have a quest associated with them, whether that be completing a task WITHIN the delve itself, or grabbing something and taking it back to it’s owner (or something like that).

Not only do you gain decent XP from killing enemies AND the main Delve bosses, you also get XP from completing the quests and reading books! In fact, reading books in ESO can be one of the most effective ways of easily power leveling various skill trees you might not be focused on! Simply read all the books as you pass by them, and you have a chance at getting an immediate explosion of XP into a random skill tree.

On top of this, loot EVERYTHING. I know, I know, it sucks having a full inventory, but lets be honest, this can be one of the most effective ways to leveling a NEW characters crafting trees AND get gold all the while. This only adds to the speed of you fully leveling a character to completion, so I highly recommend grabbing every little item, regardless of what it is, and selling it off. PLUS, if you’re running with a friend who has a banker, it’s all the more glorious to sell on the run, so you can pick up MORE items.

Public Dungeons

Now, this one is a BIT tougher for newer players, but if you are confident in your build, or have others running with you, these are easy. Each contains around 5 bosses, one of them being a “Public GROUP boss” that is typically a bit more advanced than the others. These also have a quest associated with them, and can usually be cleaned up in a matter of about 10-15 minutes if you cruise through it with friends.

These places ALSO have the chance of having a bunch of bookshelves around the area, meaning that you get that beautiful XP from here as well! Altogether, these places are quite a bit more complicated that regular delves, but reward great XP to those completing them for the first time (and great XP when you can pull large groups of enemies!)

Like I mentioned in the Delves segment, loot everything for the EXACT same reason. These Public Dungeons have the chance to drop even GREATER loot, way more valuable, so make sure that you grab it all.

Daily Quests

You might see those little blue markers above NPC’s, not the typical black and white ones. This indicates that an NPC has DAILY quests to give out, and those can contain INCREDIBLY valuable resources and loot, on top of a bit ol’ dosage of XP for each one. I highly recommend daily a couple of these every day, as they are easy XP to gain, and sometimes the items you get from them sell for a pretty penny.

Dolmen Grinds

Okay, hold up, hold up. BEFORE you burn me at the stake for including this brain-numbing “grind,” let me introduce you to a NEW way of doing this: by doing ALL of them. WHOA. incredible. People only look at Dolmens as a grind, you go to a certain location and just grind like stupid for countless hours, wishing you had something better to do with your life. Well, you can, and that’s by hitting Dolmens ALONG the way! Dolmens are a GREAT source of XP at the end, level up your Fighter’s Guild like crazy, and also give great loot along the way. Just simply run by these things as your farming your Delves, and get the easy XP!

Crafting Writs

As SOON as you can do your crafting writs, DO THEM DAILY. Honestly, these provide a great amount of XP, and on top of that, RESOURCES!!! You can NEVER have enough resources in this game (unless… you don’t have the crafting bag of course…). Each and every day, these quests are EASILY completed by grabbing your writs at the job boards, use “Dolguban’s” Easy Writ Crafting Addon to simply auto-craft everything, and you can be on your merry way, with loads of XP flowing in, and TONS of cash in your pockets.

Dolguban’s Lazy Writ Crafter Addon


Now remember, this ISN’T speedrun mode, you need to take a break every now and again to catch your breathe and empty your backpack. Head to a crafting station and start their leveling process. It takes a LONG time to fully max out your crafting trees, as well as research ALL your traits, so trust me, you want to start this ASAP.

If you have ANY crap gear with researchable traits, get that going right now. If you have any intricate items, decon them immediately. This is hands down one of the most important elements to leveling up. If you need some help learning the basics (or even advanced) elements to crafting, make sure to check out some guides here!

Elder Scrolls Online Crafting Guides

In Short

ESO is not the easiest game to get a grip on the leveling system, it can definitely take time for a new player to get their first character up to level 50, and even THAT is only the beginning of the game. I hope that this guide will help you understand the importance of multi-task leveling, so that when you actually arrive at the big 50, you have a more clear image of what’s ahead.