Fallout 76

There are a number of ways to get caps in Fallout 76, some of them a bit more difficult than others to achieve, but always worth the grind.


The cap limit in Fallout 76 is 30,000. Make SURE that you do not accidentally sell a bunch of your stuff when you’re already at the limit, because you’ll end up losing all those caps to the void. I’ve sold guns valued at 25,000 caps when I was at my limit, so I pretty much tossed that money into the fire, make sure you close down vendors and such.

Home Vendor

Fallout 76

Having a Vendor (or Vendors) at your home enables you to sell nearly ANYTHING in the game at whatever you deem it’s worth. This is the primary way of making caps in Fallout 76, as folks will sell anything from chems to legendary weapons, and everything in between. 

To get a vendor, simply head to your home and place it like you would like anything else, and all it needs is a little power to put you on the map. Once you’ve activated your vendors you will be visible to ALL players on the map, which can be both good and bad. Make sure that you ONLY power up your store when you’re absolutely ready to sell, because when people come to buy your stuff it doesn’t matter if you’re at max caps, they can still buy it and you’ll just make 0 profit.

The best selling items are definitely Legendary Armor and Weaponry, but you can also be a farmer of valuable resources, since many players don’t enjoy farming, just the fighting.

If you need a guide on how to farm LITERALLY every type of resource in the game, check out:

Robot Vendors

Fallout 76

Robot Vendors can buy up to a maximum of 1400 of your crap per day SOOO I would say that’s a pretty hefty chunk of change that is quite easy to obtain. I know at lower levels your items aren’t worth nearly as much, but as you get into the higher levels and start getting max level gear dropping from killed enemies, these are worth a LOT to these vendors, and are SUPER easy to get.

In Fallout 76 there are quite a number of good areas to grind for resources, but the main one that you’re going to focus on is West Tek research center, basically a building just FILLED with weapon wielding super mutants. This makes West Tek ideal for killing not only for the easy XP, but to pick up all the weapons dropped by the mutants and selling them to a vendor for quite a good profit.

Although you won’t make even a FRACTION of the caps at a vendor on certain items that you would at a home vendor, I’d say use this for the more… well, PETTY objects, such as various smaller aid items, junk, or stuff that just won’t sell. For easy caps, you could also sell a bunch of regular weapons and armor to them, as you can actually get a pretty penny for selling a heap of weaponry to them in bulk. Slap on some heavy lifting perk cards, grind a couple areas with weapon wielding enemies, and then sell em over.

Some tips to making Quick Cash

Like I mentioned above, there are a good amount of OTHER tricks to making easy money in Fallout 76, here are a couple tips to help you out.

Enemy Weapons Grind

Like a mentioned before, enemy weapons are actually worth a bit, especially when you sell them to a vendor with ALL those perks activated. But where O WHERE will you find enemies packing a bunch of heat? Why, there are SEVERAL locations to grind to get a ton of guns and armor to sell. When you think of weapons, you need to think of Scorched, Mole Miners, and Super Mutants, the ones that always carry a good amount of weapons. That being said, here is a map with several locations that contain ONLY Super Mutant and Scorched spawns, meaning you’ll never go there HOPING to find them.

Legendary Selling

This is hands down the best way to Getting Caps in Fallout 76. Some people wonder how I always seem to have so many caps, and the answer is simple: Selling Legendary’s. These special weapons and armor can sometimes be absolute GARBAGE, but if you can muster up a good 2 or 3 star item with mainly good perks, these items can fetch upwards of 10-25,000 caps PER item (usually on weapons at least, armor not so much). 

You can get Legendary’s from various events, such as “One Violent Night,” “Scorched Earth,” “Project Paradise,” “Free Range,” and “Encryptid.” Each of these events guarantees a Legendary at the end, one of which will USUALLY be a 2-star item or higher, all depending on your luck I suppose… not the actual perk, like, real life luck. 

Other than completing those events, Legendary’s typically spawn at random around the world, and they’ve nerfed the rate at which they spawn, meaning that your Caps grinding spree might go a bit slower this route than expected. But fear not, if you’re just wanting to grind levels and hopefully get some legendary’s at the same time, there are several grinding locations I’d recommend that typically have a couple legendary’s spawning each day, at MAX level, so you don’t get any garbage. Check out the guides below.

Caps Stash Hunting

Caps Stashes are hidden all around the game and give you practically no caps at all and you have to spend a ton of time and energy even trying to find them so hopefully at this point you realize I’m joking about this please don’t do this to make caps.

Easy Events

Finally, an easy way to make a small chunk of caps in Fallout 76 is completing events. HOWEVER, there are two kinds of events, basic and advanced ones. If you’re ONLY out to make caps, completing events isn’t a TERRIBLE way to go, but it’s definitely the SLOWEST way to go. Some events, like Manhunt (at Grafton Dam) are completed within minutes and requires little to no effort, making them worth checking the map for. Other events, such as the Sheepsquatch or Giant Scary Radiation plant monster event are not as easy for grinding, and can easily kill newer players. Stick to the easy events and you can get some easy caps out of them.

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