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Fuling Camps are packed with several mini hulk creatures that when angered can be very difficult to handle. Let’s break down the best strategy to use to raid Fuling Camps.

Survey Fuling Camps

Valheim Raid Fuling Camps

It’s time for stealth, use your squatting power and check the Fuling Camp so you know what you are facing. Note your Fuling types, if there are any 1 or 2 star Fulings, and the locations of Fuling Totems if any.

Remove Fuling Totems

Valheim Raid Fuling Camps

There are a few ways to do this, I recommend shooting a half dozen arrows into the Totems stand to destroy it from a distance, but you can also charge in and snag it right from the stand and take off running. Just be prepared to run for a while as any Fuling that spots you won’t be giving up the chase any time soon.

Fuling Snipe & Slice

Valheim Raid Fuling Camps

Pretty straight forward here, you want to stay far enough away from the camp so you don’t alert the entire army, but close enough so you can hit your shots. I recommend taking the high ground if available and picking the closest Fuling to start with. Shoot each Fuling once with your favorite arrow and wait for them to run all the way to you. Now you can fight them 1 V 1 where they are much easier to manage. This method takes some time but will guarantee success.

Looting Fuling Camps

Once eradicated it’s time to collect the important loot and make your way to the next camp. Since Barley and Flax can be replanted you don’t need a lot of it to get a good farm going, the important things to take with you are the precious Fuling Totems and as much Black Metal Scrap that you can humanly carry.

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