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Many of us have stumbled upon the glowing “Cursed Cannonballs” scattered throughout Sea of Thieves, but what true power do these mystical orbs truly hold and how can you use them to DESTROY your enemies? Those questions and more will be answered in this Cursed Cannonball Guide, so get your pencils ready because there might be a quiz!

This guide was created by the team using the amazing advice and images provided to us by our good friend ChimneySwift11. If you enjoyed the guide, consider checking out his live streams on TWITCH

Cursed Cannonball Guide

What is a Cursed Cannonball

Cursed Cannonballs are a rare type of cannonball in Sea of Thieves that contain magic and have unique effects when fired from a cannon. Most don’t deal direct damage. Instead, they affect the ship or its crew, which upon impact, begin wreaking havoc and making the enemy’s life miserable.  

It’s important to note that Skeleton Ships can fire Cursed Cannonballs at any player ship, while Ghost Fleet ships can fire Ghostly Cursed Cannonballs.

Finding Cursed Cannonballs

Cursed Cannonballs can be found in Barrels, Rowboat Chests, or Storage Crates. Their drop rate is random so search EVERY single one to increase your chances at finding a good variety.  

The truly powerful Ghostly Cursed Cannonballs are only obtained by defeating the Flameheart Ghost Fleet World Event. This event might NOT always be available on your server, but when it is, be sure to complete it to get your mittens on these bad boys.

Regardless of what Cursed Cannonball you find, keep in mind you can only hold TEN of these in your pirate pockets. So make sure you keep the BEST ones on hand if possible.

Types of Cursed Cannonballs

Sea of Thieves contains fourteen different cursed cannonballs, each possessing different curses just waiting to be unleashed. We’ll be breaking them down into three groups for the purpose of this guide.

Crew Cursed Cannonballs

Crew Cursed Cannonballs, as the name implies, affect the crew (players and skeletons). With their signature green color, they are quite fun to use as each curse applied can really ruin someone’s day, and stacking the effects just adds to the chaos.

Cannonball Type


Grogball Cursed Cannonball


Applies drunk effect on enemies hit.


Forces any enemy hit to dance.

Limpball Cursed Cannonball


Causes enemies hit to limp and move slowly.

Venomball Cursed Cannonball


Applies poison to all enemies hit.

Wearyball Cursed Cannonball


Forces any enemy hit to fall asleep.

Ship Cursed Cannonballs

These cannonballs, with their purple glow, will affect the ship forcing its crew to react depending on the curse that is applied. These should be used more strategically depending on the circumstance.

Cannonball Type


Anchorball Cursed Cannonball


Reverses capstan position.

Ballestball Cursed Cannonball


Ship will ride low and take on more water.



Locks ship supply barrels for a short time.

Helmball Cursed Cannonball


Limits steering radius making it hard to turn


Points cannons upwards temporarily disabling them

Riggingball Cursed Cannonball


Raises sails and disables their use for a short time.

Ghostly Cursed Cannonballs

Now to the cream of the crop — the Ghostly Cursed Cannonballs. These cannonballs are approved by Captain Flameheart and his Crew of the Damned for all pirate needs. Obtained after completing the Flameheart Ghost Fleet World Event, these Cursed Cannonballs are the absolute fiercest.

Cannonball Type


Flame Phantom Cannonball

Explodes on hit and sets fire to the area.

Phantom Cannonball

Fires a phantom shaped cannonball. 

Wraith Cursed Cannonball

Wraith Cannonball

On hit, it explodes like a gunpowder barrel.

Completing a Flameheart World Event is worth it JUST for the Wraith Cannonballs alone as they are super powerful! When fired from a cannon, a screaming wraith is released and if it impacts a ship it explodes doing similar damage to a gunpowder barrel. They can also do splash damage to players and can often put multiple large holes in a ship… truly wreaking havoc on anyone unlucky enough to be struck by them.

Best way to use Cursed Cannonballs

With so many different cannonballs to choose from, combining these curses can take some “out of the box” thinking. Since each type has it’s own effect, knowing what each one does can be extremely helpful. With Ship Cursed Cannonballs, you just need to hit the ship for the curse to take effect. Whereas with Crew Cursed Cannonballs you need their point of impact to be CLOSE to the crew members you want affected.

Crew Cursed Cannonballs

Here are a few ways we recommend using the green Crew Cursed Cannonballs. Keep in mind these tactics depend on what ship you’re fighting, and that these cannonballs MUST hit close to the target for it to affect them. Just hitting the ship won’t guarantee that a curse is applied to a player or skeleton if there is no one nearby the point of impact.

It’s good practice to aim for whoever is firing the cannons or steering the ship when trying to land one of these, so when sending out these green orbs of mischief try to aim for those spots on the ship.

Jigballs and Wearyballs lock the player in a specific animation for a few seconds, which they can’t move out of. This can be very useful when you want certain enemies (people steering the ship or repairing holes) to stop what they are doing. These cannonballs are also fun to use when trolling other players, as it’s quite fun to watch them dance or sleep and not be able to move.

Jigball Cursed Cannonball Guide Effects

As for your Grogballs, Limpballs and Venomballs, these are best used on anyone who is moving around the deck of an enemy ship. These will make it very difficult for them to move as they will either be fighting a movement penalty or having to eat food to heal themselves. Nothing like forcing a pirate to become drunk during a fight!

Please don’t drink and sail, it’s the law.

Grogball Cursed Cannonball Guide Effects

Ship Cursed Cannonballs

Ship Cursed Cannonballs are my personal favorite, as they provide a guaranteed effect (if you hit your shot) and can turn the tide of a battle. Here are a few ways to use them effectively:

Anchorballs and Riggingballs are best used when you DON’T want to fight, especially if you’re facing a Galleon while sailing in a Sloop. These will stop or slow down an enemy’s pursuit and make them tend to their ship while you’re sailing away. The effects don’t last long so make sure you gain as much distance as you can.

Anchorball Cursed Cannonball Guide Effects

Ballastballs and Barrelballs are best used AFTER you’ve put a few good holes in the target ship. Ballastballs will make them take on more water, while Barrelballs will keep them from getting to their supplies to make repairs. Barrelballs are also a great way to open a fight if you think your enemy isn’t prepared.

Barrelball Cursed Cannonball Guide Effects

Peaceballs are best in two situations: if you’ve taken a TON of damage and want them to “STOP BLOWING HOLES IN YOUR SHIP” to give you time to repair. Or by opening your attack with a Peaceball you can stop the enemy from putting holes in your ship in the first place. I mainly use them when fighting alongside the broadside of a larger ship, such as a Brig or Galleon, so those multi cannons can’t go messing up my “new” paint job.

Peaceball Cursed Cannonball Guide Effects

Helmballs are a tricky one, as they are very situational. You can use them defensively to get away from a fight. Hitting an enemy ship with a Helmball will lock their steering, allowing you to make a quick turn and hopefully put some distance between you and them. I like trying to use them to make the enemy crash into land. If you see a rock or island straight ahead of your enemy, and you have a shot at their ship, it may be a good time to use a Helmball.

Ghostly Cursed Cannonballs

If you took the time to complete the Flameheart World Event, then you’ll be blessed with a handful of these Ghostly Cursed Cannonballs. Now everyone is allowed their own opinions here, some may not feel like completing this event is worth the time for the limited amount of cannonballs you receive. I think the Wraith Cannonballs are worth doing the event for alone, they cause huge damage and are really fun to shoot. If you have enough time in your play session to complete Flameheart and you know you may be doing some PvP as well, the Wraith Cannonballs are a nice ace to have up your sleeve.

So right off the bat, the Phantom and Flame Phantom Cannonballs are NOT the coolest cursed cannonballs in the cul de sac. Phantom Cannonballs are just fancy cannonballs and Flame Phantom Cannonballs are fancy firebombs. These can be used like their non-cursed counterparts as there is no special use to them.

Incoming Flame Phantom Cannonballs

Wraith Cannonballs, however, are a whole different story. These are a quick one-way ticket specifically designed to send your enemies to the Ferryman. Imagine a gunpowder keg that you can safely shoot out of your cannons…that’s basically what these are. So before you go using them, make sure you can HIT your target, as it’s a big-time sad face when these go to waste.

Incoming Wraith Cursed Cannonball

Chim's Cursed Cannonball Combos

For those who may be curious and want to know, “Hey, what special Cursed Cannonball combinations do REAL Pirate Legends use?” Well, since we couldn’t find one to give us an answer, we got the next best thing! Here are some of ChimneySwift11’s favorite Cursed Cannonball combinations:

Normal Cannonballs + Ballastball + Jigball

Rapid Ballast Dance of Death

Ballestball Cursed Cannonball


Jigball Cursed Cannonball  

Open with several regular cannonballs, once a few holes have been made, hit the ship with a Ballastball to make it ride low and take on water faster. Then a Jigball at the crew that’s attempting to repair the ship. The Jigball will make them dance and stop their repairs.

Anchorball + Peaceball Opening

Stalled Out w/o Cannonballs Out.

Anchorball Cursed Cannonball


 Peaceball Cursed Cannonball

Starting a fight by stopping your target from both moving and shooting back is a win-win. Just make sure the ship isn’t already anchored or you’ll just be making your target harder to hit. After their boat is locked in place and their cannons are disabled, use your regular cannonballs to turn their ship into swiss cheese.

Chainshot + Wearyball

Chains of Sleeping Death



This cheeky combo works especially well against Sloops! First, take out their mast with the chainshot. When they begin trying to raise their mast, put them to sleep with a well placed Wearyball. Once your enemies are asleep, start raining lead on them in an endless volley of cannonballs until their ship is sleeping with the fishes.

Flame Phantomball + Venomball + Limpball + Grogball

Burning Venom of the Crippled Drunk

Flame Phantom Cursed Cannonball


Venomball Cursed Cannonball


Limpball Cursed Cannonball


Grogball Cursed Cannonball

Talk about pressure! There’s nothing like overwhelming your enemies with EVERY disabling effect before charging in for the kill. Solo, this will just mess up your foes ability to fight back properly. In a team, you can have one player disable the targets while the other boards and eliminates them. Just be sure you don’t hit your teammates or they’ll be fighting both the enemies and the effects of the curses.

Feel free to play around with these curses to create your own unique combinations. Make sure you stop by ChimneySwift11’s stream at and let him know what you come up with!

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