The most important Tower NPCs in Destiny 2 are all listed below along with helpful pictures and information on what each one does and the benefits that each offer you. 

NPC's at the Tower:

Post Master (Lost Items)

Named: Kadi 55-30

Kadi 55-30 holds items that you earned but missed or didn’t have room for them in your inventory when playing the game. This is especially helpful when you miss or do not have room for powerful engrams that you need to gain light levels.

When you have items to pickup from Kadi 55-30, his icon will be flashing on the map for you when you look at the tower. 

Eververse Store (real currency and rare in-game Destiny 2 currency)

Named: Tess Everis

As you can see from the picture on the right, Eververse is a store full of many collectable emotes, shaders and items for your character. In order to purchase these items you need either Silver or Bright Dust. 

Silver is commonly bought with real money, currently in Steam, 1100 silver is $12.50CAD.

Bright Dust can be earned as a reward by completing specific bounties, through seasonal events and by opening Eververse engrams called Bright engrams or dismantling items that come from bright engrams.

Note: Occasionally you can come across special glimmer offerings, such as old shader packs for 1000 glimmer. Keep your eye on the store weekly!

Vanguard Strikes (PVE)

Name: Zavala

Zavala will give you bounties each day. Most bounties will need completed in a three person strike (matchmaking available), however, a few bounties are not needed to be completed while playing strikes so be sure to pick which ones you like to do.

As you complete Zavala’s bounties he will give you XP and sometimes you will receive vanguard tokens. These tokens can be traded to Zavala for engrams. You can also get these tokens by completing strikes.

Exotic and Legendary Engram Cryptarch

Named: Master Rahool

Master Rahool will decode all of your Exotic and legendary engrams which are picked up as you play the game. These engrams often contain items of light level at or above your current level and can help you advance in light level as you equip them.

Note: He also has an engram for purchase but you pick up so many engrams playing that you do not need to buy one

Gunsmith and Weapon Mods

Named: Banshee-44

Banshee-44 will give you bounties each day as well. Most bounties will consist of using a specific gun type for a certain period of time to “calibrate” them. They are super easy and can be completed fast while going about your business. 

As you complete Banshee-44’s bounties he will give you XP and sometimes you will receive Mod Components. 

As you play the game and dismantle weapons you can earn Gunsmith materials that can be traded to Banshee for engrams.

Note: Mod Components can be used to buy different gun mods from Banshee-44 or Armor mods from ADA-1. 

Vault (Character Storage)

The vaults located at the tower and at the H.E.L.M. are fairly simple. You can store armor, weapons, ships, speeders, and items in these vaults and they can be accessed on any character you choose to play destiny with. 

Pro tip: Use can choose to use Destiny item manager when you play. You can access DIM through a phone app or through their website. This is a platform that lets you log on and access your vault, bounties, and lost items (and more) without having to visit the vault or vendors. As a disclaimer, we must say to use DIM at your own risk.

Crucible (PVP)

Named: Lord Shaxx

Lord Shaxx offers bounties on, you guessed it, crucible games. These games are PVP content in which you are taking out other guardians. There are multiple game types you can enjoy in crucible such as a typical “elimination” game or a fun and strategic “zone control”. 

In Crucible light level benefits are disabled so everyone has a fair shot no matter their level in the game.

Clan Steward

Name: Suraya Hawthorne

If you are part of a clan you can stop at Hawthorne and pick up her clan bounties. 

Hawthorne offers a few different bounties to be completed with your clan members such as playing gambit, crucible, and doing strikes. 

As you play Destiny with clan members you will also contribute clan XP and in turn earn Powerful gear for yourself and possibly for your clan members.

Gambit (PVE/PVP mixed playstyle)

Name: The Drifter

The drifter offers bounties each day and most require playing gambit to complete them. Gambit is a PVE/PVP game in which you and your team kill NPC enemies to pick up motes (little orbs) that they drop. Once you get 5,10, or 15 motes you deposit them into your teams bank. Every so often a portal will open in which a team member can be sent to the opposite teams side to try and take them out. 

If you enjoy PVP then you can be the one sent in but if you prefer the PVE content you can keep focusing on collecting motes and avoiding the player sent over to your team from the other side. Gambit is a good balance for both player types. As a PVE player myself, I love gambit because I can help my team and not feel the stress of PVP.

Armor Synthesis

Name: ADA-1

Ada-1 offers bounties that give you synthesis materials (materials needed to create armor ornaments). These ornaments let you change the appearance of your armor to look like another for sake of aesthetics. I tend to pick up the “random destination” bounty because it can easily be completed while you play the game. 

Ada-1 also offers armor mods which are purchased with Mod Components. 

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