Veteran Version I Dungeons:

Fungal Grotto I
Spindleclutch I
The Banished Cells I
Darkshade Caverns I
Elden Hollow I
Wayrest Sewers I
City of Ash I
Crypt of Hearts I

Veteran Version II Dungeons:

Fungal Grotto II
Spindleclutch II
The Banished Cells II
Darkshade Caverns II
Elden Hollow II
Wayrest Sewers II
City of Ash II
Crypt of Hearts II

Neutral Dungeons:

Direfrost Keep
Tempest Island
Blackheart Haven
Blessed Crucible
Selene’s Web
Vaults of Madness

DLC Dungeons:

Bloodroot Forge
Cradle of Shadows
Depths of Malatar
Falkreath Hold
Fang Lair
Imperial City Prison
March of Sacrifices
Moon Hunter Keep
Ruins of Mazzatun
Scalecaller Peak
White-Gold Tower