The Location: Vvardenfell

This simple the grind location can yield HUNDREDS of thousands of Gold for anyone willing to be petty enough to rob the innocent. If you are, RIGHT THIS WAY! You’ve found yourself a great ESO Gold Stealing Location.

The video above obviously does the best job explaining how the run specifically works, but for those that want an actual map of the run itself, I will provide one down below. This is a bit of a larger run than usual, as most of my runs take less than 5 minutes to fully complete, whereas this one borders a good 10-15 minutes. But hey, just more stuff to steal.

The Location is called Suran, and it’s located right above Vivec City in Vvardenfell. It’s just a small town with a LOT of great houses to rob, and way too many ways to rob it. How I would recommend going about this place is ALWAYS starting at the back of Suran, at the Mages Guild.

Start at the top of the town, at the main Mages Guild Library FILLED with lockboxes and various cabinets and crates. This is a TWO story (remember that) building, so loot both floors, avoiding the eyes of the clearly bored out of their minds Mages. There ARE a couple of hidden jewelry crates and hidden items on shelves, so make sure that you pay close attention to EVERY little object in the room.

Immediately after this is finished, the map REALLY opens up to how you want to approach robbing this town. At this point, I’d highly advise using the video as a visual reference to the best way to do this without being caught, and where all the guard locations are around this town. It’s not TOO bad, there’s only a couple moments where I’d recommend watching out, but other than that, have fun making THE BIG BUCKS at this ESO Gold Stealing Location!

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