So, you find yourself asking the question: Is it even POSSIBLE to make gold without murdering innocents or stealing from unworthy nerds?

Answer is: You better believe it.

This guide will teach you some tips on how to easily maximize gold gain every week, especially those with multiple account characters.

That tactic, my friends, is writ completing. I know it sounds a little… monotonous, but it’s worth your time 100%, especially when you have all your characters to max level crafting, and you can complete writs in under 2 minutes per character. So, in hindsight, you’ll be making 250,000+ gold a week, just because you decided to take 30 minutes to complete writs.

First things first: MUST HAVE THINGS

  1. 30 Points into the Tower Tree to gain 20% Inspiration
  2. Rapid Maneuvers for MAXIMUM SPEED
  3. Dolguban’s Addon

Secondly, things that AREN’T needed, but do help a lot:

  1. A Banker (Easy access to dump everything into the bank)
  2. ESO Plus – Literally gives you a craft bag that holds ALL your material items and doesn’t take up any inventory space. Plus it grants you a 10% increase to inspiration and gold gain.
  3. Being an Orc – Regardless of the fact that your an ugly beast, they do grant you a 10% increase to inspriation

Next up: Locations. This depends on personal preference and whether or not you have the DLC.

  1. Shadowfen: Stormhold – This location is perfect for NON DLC owners, and has quick access to writs, stations, and then a small jog to the turn in center WHICH DOES have mount training nearby.
  2. Vvardenfell: Vivec City – A faster route for those that own the DLC and still need their mount upgrades.
  3. Summerset: Alinor – The absolute FASTEST route in the game, with everything right nearby MINUS the mount training. Go to Vivec if you need that. You cannot (unfortunately) mount within the crafting center itself, so make sure you have rapids on your bar to quickly dash through the stations.

Writs are quite easy to complete, especially with Dolguban’s addon which LITERALLY auto crafts everything for you, besides your provisioning and alchemy. In order to speed up your runs even MORE, all you need to do is auto craft the recipes and potions/poisons needed to hand in for your daily writs. Make sure you have the “Extra Potions/Recipes” Passive ability upgraded, and then make around 50-100 of each.

Alchemy Potions:

  1. Damage Health Poison IX – Alkahest, Emetic Russula, Nightshader
  2. Damage Magicka Poison IX – Alkahest, Blue Entloma, Emetic Russula
  3. Damage Stamina Poison IX – Alkahest, Flesh Fly Larva, Luminous Russula
  4. Drain Health Poison IX – Alkahest, Bugloss, Butterfly Wing
  5. Essence of Health – Lorkhan’s Tears, Bugloss, Butterfly Wing
  6. Essence of Magicka – Lorkhan’s Tears, Bugloss, Corn Flower
  7. Essence of Ravage Health – Lorkhan’s Tears, Emetic Russula
  8. Essence of Stamina – Lorkhan’s Tears, Dragonthorn, Mountain Flower


  1. Arenthain Brandy – Surille Grapes, Lemon
  2. Argonian Saddle-Cured Rabbit – Small Game, Saltrice
  3. Firsthold Fruit and Cheese Plate – Jazbay Grapes, Cheese
  4. Fresh Apples and Eidar Cheese – Apples, Cheese
  5. Hagraven’s Tonic – Gingko, Ginger
  6. Hearty Garlic Corn Chowder – Corn, Garlic
  7. Khenarthi’s Wings Chai – Jasmine, Honey
  8. Lilmoth Garlic Hagfish – Fish, Garlic
  9. Markarth Mead – Barley, Metheglin
  10. Muthsera’s Remorse – Bittergreen, Metheglin
  11. Pickled Carrot Slurry – Carrots, Saltrice
  12. Sipping Igma Tonic – Gingko, Lemon

Lets Quickly talk about POWER LEVELING your crafts before we dive into the money making techniques, as there ARE achievements needed to up your chances of worthwhile items.

Blacksmithing, Woodworking, and Clothing are the EASIEST to power level. Simply head to your local guild traders and buy ALL the intricate items you can that are UNDER 200 gold. Anything over 200 gold is a rip off, and will start to eat at your wallet more than it should. After you get the items, head back to your crafting stations and deconstruct EVERYTHING. Make sure that you put points into deconstruction as you go, gaining you more potential resources from each decon.

Alchemy is tedious, but rather simple. First off, poisons are the way to go, as they are WAYYYYY cheaper to craft. Make sure you have a TON of: Ichor, Slime, Gall, Terebinthine, Pitch Bile, Tarblack, and Night oil (about 50 of each). Then, you’ll want around 220 Flesh Fly Larva and Scrib Jelly. Start crafting your poisons, and every time you can level up your Alchemy to use the next Solvent. Easy as that.

For food, well, once again it’s tedious but easy. Make sure that you have recipes that cover each level, and then just upgrade your provisioning when you can. REMEMBER: Green and Blue recipes literally give the same Inspiration, purple and gold are NOT worth crafting for their usage of rare resources… and then you’ve got those level 1 specialty recipes… please, don’t try to level on those… just trust me.

For Enchanting, you’ll more than likely want a trusted guildie or friend to help you out on this one. It’s rather cheap and easy, but can take a while. Because crafting and deconstructing your OWN runes gives you little to NO Inspiration, you can, instead, send all those mats to your friend to craft the runes FOR you. They will then send the actual runes back to you, which you will deconstruct for a LOT more inspiration. For this process, some of the cheapest runes to buy are ITADE, DEKEIPA, and REKUTA. Ask your friend to craft you around 170 of those.

Finally, Jewelry Crafting. Now you can do this one of two ways. Gambling on RNG, or get a friend to craft you a BOAT LOAD of them. For the gambling technique, simply go to the town of Bruma in Cyrodiil, and buy a TON of “Eagle Eye,” a set that is limited to PURPLE jewelry or bows. It sucks to get bows out of the deal, but it only cost 12k AP per piece, so I’d say that it’s probably worth the shot, if you don’t have a buddy to help you out. The NON-Gambling technique is literally providing your friend with enough platinum to craft you around 530 Platinum rings/necklaces.  This will max level you all in one go.

For those of you wanting BONUS chances of getting one of the most VALUABLE and EASY to acquire items in the game: Master Writs, you’ll want to follow these simple steps to increase your chances. For reference to some of the points below, please head to Inklings detailed specifics:

  1. Alchemy: Gain the Achievement Botanist & Toxicologist (See link above).
  2. Enchanting: Known ALL of the rune translations (Basically just craft glyphs using runes with the ??? symbol still in the description).
  3. Provisioning: The more Purple and Gold recipes you know, the better.
  4. Woodworking, Blacksmithing, Clothing: The more traits you know in each, the better the chances. The more COMPLETE motifs books you know, it increases ever so slightly.
  5. Jewelry Crafting: Right now, it’s really just about knowing lots of the traits.

A small tip to help with some of the tactics above is this: Vouchers can buy you research reduction scrolls. Just head to where you would hand in your master writ, and you can buy them there.

Anywho, there you have it. For more details, or a visual guide, check out the video below.