First things first – WAYSHRINE OUT:

It can be embarrassing entering Cyrodiil for the first time and literally having NO idea how to leave. Answer is simple: There are literally Wayshrines IN YOUR MAIN BASE(S). Simply head back to your Alliance “Base” and there will be a Wayshrine in the back corner for you to warp out of Cyrodiil. Here is the Official ESO Guide to Cyrodiil PvP.

How to find a group:

Once again, a simple yet INCREDIBLY helpful tactic to easily find groups (if there are groups) in a Cyrodiil campaign. All you have to do is type “LFG” (looking for group) in chat, and if a group is interested in picking up more people, they’ll invite you over. Remember, if the campaign is empty, you’re less likely to find a random group willing to pick up players.

Essentials in Cyrodiil:

I get this question asked way more often than it should be. There ARE, indeed, crafting stations, bankers, and merchants in your MAIN Alliance headquarters. Simply travel back, and check your map icons to see which alliance base all the stuff you need is at, and travel over there.

The banker is also typically in the BACK of one of your bases, so make sure to check near the big main gate.

Siege Equipment:

PLEASE, for the love of Pete, bring siege weaponry, and the RIGHT kind. There are multiple different variations of each piece of siege weaponry, and then you’ve got specific ATTACK and DEFENSE weaponry. Make sure you know the difference:

  1. Flaming Oil: Used for pouring oil down on players ATTACK (key word, ATTACKING) your base, typically used best when poured through the grates onto players using a battering ram.
  2. Ballista: This is a quick fire weapon used for BOTH players AND sieging castles. The Fire Ballista is great on players, as it applies (go figure) flame damage to those enemies. The Regular Ballista is better on walls, as it deals heavier damage to them, but it’s also great in circumstances where enemy players might be around, just to knock some heads.
  3. Trebuchet: THIS is the motherload of Siege weapons, dealing the MOST damage to walls and door, and also players all the while. You then have your variants: The Firepot and the Iceball Trebuchets. These will still damage your ways a decent amount, but are most useful in completely obliterating enemy players (if they are slow enough to get hit by them) and applies the obvious DoT to them.
  4. Battering Ram: Here you have something that deals literally 0 damage to players BUT some amazing damage to the front doors of a castle. You need a good amount of players (6 if I can most recently recall) to put the FULL amount of damage into the ram, and all they need to do is stack on it.
  5. Meatbag Catapult: This is SUPER fun to use against players, as it deals a heavy amount of immediate damage, as well as some over time disease damage. Very important to use in close quarters sieging, as it reloads quickly.
  6. Forward Siege Camp: One of the most (if not, THEE MOST) important sieging equipment to have. Honestly, having a warp location near the place your attacking (or defending) is the most useful thing ever, and can literally decide the fate of that castle. Make sure that if no one else places one during a siege, YOU do.

Keeps, Outposts, & Resources:

There are 18 keeps in total, 3 Resource “nodes” for each keep, and then 3 outposts across the map. These are your MAIN objectives when fighting in the alliance war, as taking them over gives a great amount of AP (Alliance Points), Experience, and XP in your actual PVP Skill Trees.

Lets start with the EASIEST thing to take down: Resources. There is one lumbermill, mine, and farm PER Keep, each loaded to bear with a bunch of NPC’s that will kick your butt if you don’t go in knowing what to do. If you manage to kill all the enemies in the area, you stand on the flag in the center of the resource to capture it for your alliance. If you capture the resources of an ENEMY alliance keep (not always the easiest if they notice you doing it) you actually cut them off COMPLETELY from being able to warp to that castle. Great tactic to use in order to keep them at bay while you take their other, more important, outposts.

Second, you’ve got outposts. These are slightly easier than Keeps (depending on players active in the campaign), and quite a bit more difficult that standard resources. Here, it simulates what the interior of a keep is like, a large building with a destructible walls that NEED to be taken down in order to capture it. Always make sure to check ALL the nooks in here for hiding enemies, they tend to chill out on the upper ledge in stealth in hopes to take it back when you leave. Although you CAN solo siege these, it’s much more highly recommended to zerg is down in a group. These give a bigger pot of AP and XP.

Lastly, you’ve got Keeps, which are the hardest to take down. Here, you need to fight through TWO walls of defense to enter and capture these. By taking down the FIRST wall or door, you can let a floodgate of ally’s loose into the Castle to kill all the NPC’s and Players inside. Obviously taking a castle doesn’t go over lightly with the enemy alliance, so don’t ALWAYS expect an easy in, unless the campaign is more empty OR they have their hands full with the THIRD alliance. Once you siege second wall, always make sure to run up the stairs at the back of the interior keep JUST to make sure that all enemy players are dead and none are hiding in the nooks. This grants a GREAT amount of AP and XP, especially if successful.

Alliance Points:

Alright, you’ve heard me using the words “Alliance Points” or “AP” quite often, and I should explain what this is. Basically, in short, it’s the currency of Cyrodiil, obtained through the pure slaughter of enemy alliance players, taking of outposts, resources, and keeps, as well as the generic completing of Cyrodiil quests and activities. These can be used to purchase PLENTY of incredibly useful items throughout Cyrodiil, like sets in the alliance base, in towns, siege weaponry, crates of resources, and the list goes ON. One of the GREATEST reasons to grind for AP is simply the Golden Vendor, which is:


The Golden Vendor is a merchant who ONLY appears on the weekend days, (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) and sells GOLDEN jewelry and Monster set pieces that you’ve been hunting down. Although it’s on a random schedule with the equipment it sells, it’s important to check back just to see if HEY, maybe it’s got that Balorgh’s shoulder you’ve spent 348 keys trying to get. Ya never know. You can purchase these items with either gold OR AP.


Alright, I know, I should’ve TECHNICALLY listed this above with the others, but I feel that I needed to explain the AP system BEFORE I mentioned this place. Towns are the little building places located usually in the middle of nowhere, in between each faction. The three towns are: Bruma (sound familiar?), Vlastarus, and Crospford. Each town sells set pieces in RANDOM crates, meaning it’s all up to RNG to bless you with what you want, but sometimes you’ll get incredibly rare sets to sell or use yourself. Remember, each town also have it’s own Light, Medium, and Heavy armor set specifics:

  1. Cropsford – Light Armor
  2. Bruma – Medium Armor
  3. Vlastarus – Heavy Armor

Temples & Scrolls:

Ah yes, the PEAK of Cyrodiil excitement, WHO can capture all of those bad boy scrolls and get some buffs for all the members of the Alliance. Scroll Temples are the locations BEHIND the Alliance main gates, incredibly close to where you spawn in. If you see the gates of YOUR Alliance are open… that’s a bad thing. It means that an Alliance has captured ALL your Keeps up to your main gate (Each gate is a SEPARATE area, you cannot travel to BOTH scrolls through one gate). If an Alliance is successful in capturing your scroll, never fear, you can always take it back, either by killing the guy running WITH the scrolls and returning it (usually that’s brutal with all the players guards around them) or you can just return the favor by capturing all the keeps up to which Castle they are keeping YOUR rightful scroll in.

Each Scroll gives specific buffs to your Alliance’s players, so it’s really important to try and cap as many of these as possible, just to improve your chances of winning the campaign.

Cyrodiil Bounty’s:

This is one of my FAVORITE things to do in Cyrodiil (besides utterly annihilating an enemy alliance Keep). There are TWO types of bounty’s: Infinitely repeatable and Daily repeatable. The infinite ones can be done OVER and OVER again, as long as you keep doing them, you’ll get getting more. The DAILY, on the other hand, it usually a more complicated quest, requiring a larger amount of players to be killed, keeps to be captured, or resources to be conquered. You can find these bounties at your Main Alliance Base. The 4 Infinitely repeatable quests include:

  1. Bounty Mission:
    • Killing 20 SPECIFIC Class Players, or (if you’re lucky) just 20 players.
  2. Warfront Missions:
    • Capturing a Specific Named Keep
  3. Battle Missions:
    • Capturing a Specific Named Resource
  4. Scouting Missions:
    • Spying on a Specific area (basically just crouch and hit X when in range)

The Conquest Missions, as mentioned above, include:

  1. Killing 40 Enemy Players
  2. Capturing ANY 3 Keeps
  3. Capturing ANY 9 Resources
  4. Capture ALL 3 Towns

Cyrodiil Questing:

One thing that players DON’T REALIZE is the sheer amount of GOOD XP Cyrodiil can provide with its questing. In each of the three towns there are TWO quest givers that will give (EACH) a good amount of DAILY repeatable quests that are easily completed within minutes. Each completed quests gives 250 AP, 350+ gold, a Reward Container with a set piece specific to that town, and a good chunk of Experience. Obviously it can be difficult to travel to these places, so most people typically just go to the town closest to their captures keeps.

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