Jewelry Crafting Guide

Today, you will learn all about the very specific trade of Jewelry Crafting in Elder Scrolls Online. It can be a VERY complicated system to get used to, as it’s far more grindy and progressively slow to advance than any other crafting tree. However, there ARE a couple of helpful tips that can help you easily max out your Jewelry Tree within a day, and get started on researching all of your traits. Here is a guide to Jewelry Crafting in ESO.

Jewelry Crafting is a tricky and tedious process to due it’s VERY slow and expensive grind, but amazing turn out in the end. There are a couple ways you can go about power grinding this crafting tree, and you can choose whichever you believe works best for you.

Tactic #1: Cyrodiil 3 piece Sets

This is how I personally leveled this tree, and actually yields VERY good results, as it not only gives the highest amount of PURPLE jewerly to deconstruct for valuable resources, but also lots of weapons to break down for your Woodworking and Blacksmithing tress. Go to your local town vendor in either Bruma, Cropsford, or Vlastarus, and purchase a TON of these specific crates:

  • Blessing of the Potentates
  • Eagle Eye
  • Grace of the Ancients
  • Vengeance Leech
  • Wrath of the Imperium

These sets include ONLY weapons and jewelry, meaning a higher chance of gaining Necklaces and Rings to break down, ALL purple, and all for a cheap amount of AP.

Tactic #2: Friend Decon Session

This is the more brutal of the two, as it requires a LOT of jewelry crafting materials. If you can give enough Platinum to your friend to craft you a literal 530 Platinum Rings, you can go from level 1-50 within the time it takes you to deconstruct ALL of those bad boys. This way is QUITE a bit more costly, but requires 100% less RNG blessing in about 50% of the time.

Trait Grinding

Honestly, at this point in the game, each and every trait is so easily obtained through guild merchants, I would simply recommend buying and researching the stuff yourself. People go through trials and PvP to get these specific traits, trait up their own items, and then sell them to you for usually a pretty decent deal. If you want to start this process quickly, I’d highly recommend buying and locking each and every traits and working your way through the system. If you want to know what each and every trait does, here is a list for you.

Jewelry Crafting Traits

Arcane: Cobalt – Increases Max Magicka
Robust: Zinc – Increases Max Stamina
Healthy – Antimony – Increases Max Health
Bloodthirsty: Slaughterstone – Increases damage against enemies under 25% health
Harmony: Dibellium – Increases damage, healing, resources restore, and damage strength of synergies you activate
Infused: Aurbic Amber – Increases Jewelry Enchantments Effectiveness
Protective: Titanium – Increases Spell and Physical Resistance
Swift: Gilding Wax – Increases Movement Speed
Triune: Dawn-Prism – Increases Health, Magicka, and Stamina

Hope you enjoyed this quick guide to Jewelry Crafting in ESO!

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