The Vicious Bomber (As called by me) is a build that specializes in the exploding of enemy nerds in glorious fashion. These kinds of builds have been nerfed since the beginning of time BUT there are still good ones out there to use that can take out LITERAL dozens of enemies all at once.

  • High Elf: Best Spell Damage overall for group destruction
  • Dark Elf: Much more Single Target focused Damage
  1. Balorgh’s: 
    • This is the BEST Monster set for a bomber build, as using your ultimate actually super buffs your damage, and gives you the GREATEST output of damage possible for killing multiple enemies at once
  2. Vicious Death:
    • This is the sets main source of damage. Not pure outright spell damage, but rather a BEAUTIFUL explosive damage that causes a domino kill effect for all hit by it
  3. Julianos:
    • Julianos is hands down one of the best AND easiest to acquire spell damage focused sets
    • In replacement of Julianos, I really do recommend trying out Spinner’s, which is basically the Spell damage version of the popular Stamina based set: Spriggan’s. Fantastic damage. Only reason I put this as a replacement is because of how expensive it is.

Gear PieceSetWeightEnchantTraitLocation
HelmBalorgh’sHeavyHealthImpenetrableMarch of Sacrifice (Vet)
Shoulders Balorgh’s
HeavyHealthDivinesMarch of Sacrifice (Vet)
Chest Julianos LightMagickaDivinesWrothgar
LegsVicious DeathLightMagickaDivinesCyrodiil
BootsVicious DeathLightMagickaDivinesCyrodiil
NecklaceVicious DeathJewelrySpell DamageInfusedCyrodiil
Ring 1Vicious DeathJewlerySpell DamageInfusedCyrodiil
Ring 2Vicious DeathJewelrySpell DamageInfusedCyrodiil
Weapon 1: Flame StaffJulianosNoneDamageNirnhonedWrothgar
Weapon 2: Flame StaffJulianosNoneShockInfusedWorthgar
Primary Weapon (Flame Destro Staff)Secondary Weapon (Healing Staff
1:Shadowy DisguiseProximity Detonation
2:Concealed WeaponMirage
3:Sap EssenceDampen Magic
4:Inner LightChanneled Acceleration
5:Merciless ResolveHealing Ward
Ultimate:Soul TetherLight’s Champion
  • All Nightblade
  • All Dual Wield + Bow
  • All Medium Armor + First 3 under Heavy Armor
  • Improved Hiding under Legerdemain
  • Slayer, Banish the Wicked, and Skilled Tracker under Fighter’s Guild (For those pesky vampire and werewolf players)
  • Undaunted Mettle under Undaunted
  • All Assault
  • Combat Medic and Battle Resurrection under Support
  • Obviously, all racial passives
Champion Points (My Personal Setup):
  • The Thief
    • The Tower:
      • None
    • The Lover
      • Tenacity: 0
      • Healthy: 62
      • Mooncalf: 47
      • Arcanist: 75
    • The Shadow
      • Tumbling: 47
      • Befoul: 10
      • Shade: 30
  • The Mage
    • The Apprentice
      • Elfborn: 66
      • Elemental Expert: 66
      • Spell Erosion: 40
    • The Antronach
      • Shattering Blows: 47
    • The Ritual
      • Thaumaturge: 51
  • The Warrior
    • The Steed
      • Ironclad: 66
      • Resistant: 45
    • The Lady
      • Hardy: 40
      • Thick Skinned: 20
      • Elemental Defender: 40
    • The Lord
      • Quick Recovery: 10
      • Bastion: 49

With this build, you want to make sure that you have a LOT of Ultimate regeneration, as well as the element of surprise. You need to buff up entirely before striking, and have your moves charted and memorized before jumping into the fight, as if you DO NOT prepare, well, THEN PERISH.

Focus on starting with your buff bar, a.k.a. you’re Healing bar, and apply your major and minor buffs. As you have your shields and buffs applied, you’ll need to make sure your proximity detonation is fired up and ready to go, as is your soul tether, practically the best move for bombers in the game. As you DIVE into the swarm of enemies, or stealth your way in, make sure that you FIRST start with your Soul Tether, straight into spamming Sap Essence to combo EVERYONE around you, and have your healing wards up and protecting you all the while

Make sure that IF you are growing low on health, you quick swap to your Resto bar, use your ultimate, and either dip out to restore resources, or (if you’re confident in your ability to kill everyone) get right back into the action. AND REMEMBER, Shadowy is your friend, use it wisely to dip in and out of combat if things start heating up too much.


The Vicious Bomber is more of a fun focused build, meant to satisfy that desire of killing a zerg in one go. This isn’t to say that you’ll always succeed, in fact, in the current META, zerg bombers usually have around a 60-75% chance of actually pulling off a BIG nerd massacre, but if those odds are worth it to you, knock yourself out!