Have you ever looked at survivability in ESO and thought: “HEY, that’s STUPID, I wanna just go out in a blaze of glory!” Well, do I have a build for YOU! This build is purely built to bring utter destruction to your enemies, making them burst into a flame larger than a campfire when that one reckless kid pours gasoline on it, claiming “It’ll be fine” BUT IT LIGHTS YOUR SHOES ON FIRE. THANKS A LOT, NATHAN.


  • Race 1: Dark Elf (Most highly recommend because of FLAME damage boost)
  • Race 2: High Elf


  • Set 1: Zaan’s, Infernal Guardian, or Valkyn Skoria
    • These three MONSTER sets can be swapped around for Preference. Here’s what I’ll say: If you want crowd control, go for Infernal Guardian. If you want to be up-close and personal, definitely go with Zaan’s. Finally, if you want long range, 100% go for Valkyn Skoria.
  • Set 2: Silks of the Sun
    • Silks of the Sun is an absolutely devastating set that deals BRUTAL amount of fire damage. Being a Dark Elf, having inferno Staves, being a DragonKnight, I mean, it’d be ridiculous NOT to go to Silks for that pure damage.
  • Set 3: Knight Slayer
    • Knight Slayer, potentially my favorite set to use on a MagDK in Battlegrounds. This sets heavy attack deals a savage amount of OBLIVION damage to your enemies, and combined with the flame damage, Oblivion glyphs, etc., you become a force to be reckoned with.


Gear PieceSetWeightEnchantTraitLocation
HelmZaan’sHeavyMagickaImpenetrableScalecaller Peak (Vet)
ShouldersZaan’sHeavyMagickaImpenetrableScalecaller Peak (Vet)
ChestSilks of the SunLightMagickaImpenetrableStonefalls
ArmsSilks of the SUnLightMagickaDivinesStonefalls
BeltSilks of the SunLightMagickaDivinesStonefalls
LegsSilks of the SunLightMagickaDivinesStonefalls
BootsSilks of the SunLightMagickaDivinesStonefalls
NecklaceKnight SlayerJewelrySpell DamageDivinesBattlegrounds
Ring 1Knight SlayerJewelrySpell DamageInfusedBattlegrounds
Ring 2Knight SlayerJewleryMagicka RecoveryInfusedBattlegrounds
Weapon 1: Inferno StaffKnight SlayerWeaponOblivion DamageInfusedBattlegrounds
Weapon 2: Inferno StaffKnight SlayerWeaponOblivion DamageNirnhonedBattlegrounds


Primary WeaponSecondary Weapon
1:Force PulseMolten Armaments
2:Flame LashCoagulating Blood
3:Burning EmbersHardened Armor
4:Engulfing FlamesDampen Magic
5:Flames of OblivionElemental Susceptibility
Ultimate:Ferocious LeapFerocious Leap


  • All Class Passives
  • Destruction Staff Passives
  • All Light Armor Passives + First 3 Passives under Heavy Armor
  • Undaunted Mettle
  • All Assault Passives
  • Combat Medic + Battle Resurrection under Support
  • All Racial Passives (Dark Elves get a great boost to flame damage)

Champion Points (I don’t personally play with CP, but if you REALLY want, this is a quick setup. Nothing professional):

  • Thief
    • The Tower:
      • Warlord 50
    • The Lover:
      • Mooncalf: 20
      • Arcanist: 75
      • Tenacity: 30
      • Healthy: 35
    • The Shadow:
      • Tumbling: 40
      • Shadow Ward; 10
  • The Mage:
    • The Apprentice:
      • Elfborn: 40
      • Elemental Expert: 70
      • Spell Erosion: 55
    • The Atronach:
      • Staff Expert: 20
    • The Ritual:
      • Thaumaturge: 75
  • The Warrior:
    • The Steed:
      • Ironclad: 50
      • Spell Shield: 20
      • Resistant: 40
    • The Lady:
      • Light Armor Focus: 20
      • Thick Skinned: 25
      • Hardy: 40
      • Elemental Defender: 35
    • The Lord:
      • Bastion: 20


A lot of people might think that the MagDK is a pretty cheesy class to play. Well, those players are right. This build absolutely fries your enemies up like they were casual chick nuggets from McDonalds. I find myself using Valkyn Skoria a lot with this build, due to the fact that it can be a LITERAL life saver when you’re knocked down or stunned. When you’re on your feet, make sure that you are ALWAYS, 100% of the time, fully buffed up by the skills on your buff bar. They will be your greatest asset to killing enemies quickly. Your shields are also VERY important. Being a damage focused build, you tend to focus on, well, DAMAGE over SURVIVABILITY. This means that your shields will be life savers during intense situations. I’d recommend always applying them when you have a pause in combat.
One thing you want to remember is to CONSTANTLY hit your enemies with that good ol Heavy Attack. I feel like people often forget about that amazing perk that Knight Slayer gives you, that beautiful explosion of Oblivion Damage, literally unavoidable damage. To hit an enemy with that is devastating, and continuing to apply dot effects of fire basically gets them to hold up a white flag. This isn’t to say NEVER use your other abilities, I mean, those are the things that will usually end in your enemies fiery demise. Just remember that WHEN you have a moment, your flame staff heavy attack (make sure you have the passive “Tri-Focus”) deals an additional 12% damage, and then your Oblivion damage kicks into overdrive.
Another important thing to remember is to constantly apply “Elemental Susceptibility” to your enemy of choice. That means even MORE spell damage applied to them specifically, and helps narrow down one enemy at a time, and if situations get a little tight with health, ALWAYS hit that “Coagulating Blood” ability on your buff bar. This ability is your main source of healing, and you’ll want to make sure that it’s frequently used to ensure you’ll live through your fights.
Although it’s a fairly simple to use and easy to pick up build, it’s not one that will never die. In fact, you’ll probably die a LOT getting used to how it plays. Just remember that your buffs are your friends, ESPECIALLY on damage focused builds. Your Ferocious leap should be used when you noticed a squishier nerd without shields, OR when an enemy is already knocked down, dealing an absolutely insane amount of damage to them, even more so when you charge up a heavy attack and THEN hit them with the ferocious leap.


Although squishy, you’re absolutely deadly. Make sure that you remember the tactics listed above, and you’ll be good to go. A pure damage dealing build is never easy to master due to how easy it CAN be for enemies to kill you, if you’re not quite experienced on every corner. Make use of your buffs on that bar purely meant for buffing up, and never forget your shields will be vital to you tackling your enemies. In the end, make sure to apply PLENTY of Heavy Attack on your enemies to keep that Oblivion damage flowing like mountain dew at a Call of Duty championship, and keep consistent flame damage on whoever you want to fry up first. That Oblivion / Flame damage combo makes for a brutal situation for any enemy player.
Here’s the Video Guide on the Build:


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