These are a BUNCH of great PvP builds to try out, couple from me, couple from the community, but all of them check out to be fun to use and effective in either open world Cyrodiil or small scale Battlegrounds. Play around with them, see what you like, change what you don’t like, I don’t care, it’s ESO, do what you want

Stamina Nightblade DPS – Piraja: The Locus

Magicka NightBlade DPS: – Kevduit: The Vicious Bomber


Magicka DragonKnight DPS – Kevduit: The Flamethrower

Stamina DragonKnight DPS / Tank РDoctor Crow: Poisonous Fury



Stamina Templar DPS – Piraja: Dizzying Power


Stamina Warden DPS – Kevduit: The Butcher