Doctor Crows Stamina Dragonknight has been a flagship build, spread around my guild and community for a LONG time. He has been training with PvP Stamina Dragonknight’s for as long as I can remember, so having his build here is an honor! This set specializes in BRUTAL damage giving AND tanking abilities, for both open world Cyrodiil & Battlegrounds gameplay. It utilizes a lot of great resource gaining sets to help sustain, as well as plenty of IN COMBAT damage buffs, to maintain maximum fighting potential.


  • Race 1: Argonian
  • Race 2: Redguard
  • Race 3: Orc


  • Set 1: Blood Spawn
    • Absolutely fantastic set for regaining quick amounts of ultimate during combat, as well as the chance to get a beautiful damage shield
  • Set 2: Seventh Legion Brute
    • Seventh’s Legion has been hailed as one of the best Stamina based PvP sets on the market, giving a ton of great healing, combined with massive buffs to weapon damage
  • Set 3: Warrior’s Fury
    • Another beautiful set purely focused on getting more health, stamina, and weapon damage, plus a stackable weapon damage when taking critical damage
  • Set 4: Shacklebreaker
    • The Resource cherry on top of the pie. This set is used purely to maximize your resource pool, granting all that use it a LOT of Stamina, Magicka, plus weapon and spell damage

Set Side Note:

  • Seventh Legion can be swapped out for Impregnable Armor to make for a more Battlegrounds focused Build


Gear PieceSetWeightEnchantTraitLocation
HeadBlood SpawnMediumStaminaSturdySpindleclutch II (Vet)
ShoulderBlood SpawnHeavyStaminaImpenetrableSpindleclutch II (Vet)
ChestWarrior’s FuryHeavyStaminaImpenetrableCyrodiil
ArmsWarrior’s Fury
BeltWarrior’s FuryHeavyStaminaImpenetrableCyrodiil
LegsWarrior’s FuryHeavyStaminaImpenetrableCyrodiil
BootsWarrior’s FuryHeavyStaminaImpenetrableCyrodiil
NecklaceSeventh LegionJewelryStamina RecoveryInfusedBangkorai
Ring 1Seventh LegionJeweleryWeapon DamageSwift/RobustBangkorai
Ring 2Seventh LegionJewelryWeapon DamageRobstBangkorai
Weapon 1: SwordSeventh LegionWeaponWeapon DamageInfusedBangkorai
Off-Hand: ShieldSeventh LegionWeaponStaminaSturdyBangkorai
Weapon 2: Battle AxeShacklebreakerWeaponPoisonNirnhonedVvardenfell


  • Food:
    • Dubious Camoran Throne (1 White Meat + 3 Beetle Scuttle + 1 Insect Parts + 1 Guts)
    • Artaeum Takeaway Broth (20 Fish + 5 Melon + 5 Torchbug Throax + 5 Powdered Mother or Pearl)
  • Potion(s):
    • Essence of Immovability: Knockback Immunity, Major Expedition, Restore Stamina – (Columbine + Namira’s Rot + Blessed Thistle)
    • Essence of Immovability: Knockback Immunity, Restore Stamina, Restore Health – (Columbine + Wormwood + Mountain Flower)
    • Essence of Immovability: Knockback Immunity, Restore Stamina, Major Savagery – (Columbine + Wormwood + Dragonthorn)


Primary WeaponSecondary Weapon
1:Venemous ClawVolatile Armor
2:Fragmented ShieldReflective Plate
3:Reverberating BashExecutioner
4:Heroic SlashNoxious Breath
5:Resolving VigorForward Momentum
Ultimate:Spell WallDawnbreaker of Smiting


  • All Class Passives
  • Sword & Shield Passives
  • Two Handed Passive
  • All Heavy Armor Passives
  • Fighter’s Guild Passives
  • Undaunted
  • All Assault Passives
  • Combat Medic + Battle Resurrection under Support
  • Alchemy: Medicinal Use

Champion Points:

  • Thief
    • The Tower:
      • Warlord: 28
      • Siphoner: 1
      • Bashing Focus: 25
    • The Lover:
      • Mooncalf: 27
      • Tenacity: 49
    • The Shadow:
      • Tumbling: 23
      • Shadow Ward: 56
      • Befoul: 52
  • The Mage:
    • The Apprentice:
      • Blessed: 32
    • The Atronach:
      • Master at Arms: 61
      • Physical Weapons Expert: 37
    • The Ritual:
      • Thaumaturge: 28
      • Precise Strikes: 37
      • Mighty: 49
      • Piercing: 35
  • The Warrior:
    • The Steed:
      • Ironclad: 56
      • Resistant: 64
    • The Lady:
      • Thick Skinned: 56
      • Hardy: 32
      • Elemental Defender: 32
    • The Lord: 
      • Quick Recovery: 19
      • Heavy Armor Focus: 11


First after buffing you’d want to go in with a reverb and then apply your two dots on the target of interest, the two Dots are meant to apply pressure, without them you wouldn’t do much damage outside of heroic, so keep the Dots up. After applying the dots you want to light attack, Heroic slash, and bash which is your main spammable combo, only do this if you have the resources to burn or if you want to pressure someone after you ult or if your target is low. Unless in the given situations try fitting in a heavy attack instead of a light in the combo. If low on resources just raw heavy attack or remove the bash from the combo. For using dawnbreaker I’d only use it when all your sets proc (Addon OmniStats recommend) or if you see an opening to guarantee a kill. Never open with a dawnbreaker unless in a situation where you can combo ults with someone else. For maximum healing effectiveness use Vigor and after fragmented shield


This build is rather difficult but very effective when you master it, for practice I recommend to learn dueling. If you do run into a ranged build in a duel make sure to remove wings or keep from using it, crutching on wings will halt your progress heavily. It’s a skill I recommend only using in open world or battlegrounds