StamBlade’s have been considered to be one of the BEST PVE content DPS classes in the game, especially for that gorgeous close range melee damage. This is my favorite build for absolutel MAXIMUM damage for any PvE content. You’ll need a good tank and healer, but trust me, it’s 100% worth it for the 60k+ DPS you can pull.


  • Redguard: Best Sustain for a Stamina DPS Class

Attribute Points:

  • Stamina – 64

Advanced Sets:

  • (Perfected) Arms of Relequen armor:
    • This is HAND DOWN the greatest Stamina based DPS set in the entire game. This, combined with the set below, is brutal in the amount of damage is can dish out.
  • Twice-Fanged Serpent Jewelry + Weapons (Axe & Sword + Bow):
    • This, combined with the set above, created a beautiful bond of extreme damage and stackable Physical Penetration, bringing the pain-train wherever you go
  • Velidreth Medium Helm + Medium Shoulders:
    • A Monster set gained through Veteran Cradle of Shadows. This set gives a BRUTAL Damage brust, essential for the best Stamina Based DPS.


Gear PieceSetWeightEnchantTraitLocation
HelmVelidrethMediumStaminaDivinesCradle of Shadows (Vet)
ShouldersVelidrethMediumStaminaDivinesCradle of Shadows (Vet)
NecklaceTwice-FangedJewelryWeapon DamageBloodthirstySanctum Ophidia
Ring 1Twice-FangedJewelryWeapon DamageInfusedSanctum Ophidia
Ring 2Twice-FangedJeweleryWeapon DamageInfusedSanctum Ophidia
Weapon 1Twice-FangedWeaponWeapon DamageNirnhonedSanctum Ophidia
Off-Hand WeaponTwice-FangedWeaponPoisonInfusedSanctum Ophidia
Weapon 2Twice-FanedWeaponOblivionInfusedSanctum Ophidia

Beginner’s Build:


Beginner’s Sets:

  • Hunding’s Rage Armor:
    • This is the primary damage focus on this beginner’s build. Easy to craft, quick to acquire, and absolutely GREAT damage.
  • Spriggan’s Jewelry + Weapons (Axe & Dagger + Bow):
    • This is your MAIN damage. I swapped Night Mother’s to Spriggan’s because this is all out DPS, and Night Mother doesn’t provide StamBlades with anything they can’t already achieve.
  • Selene’s Medium Helm + Medium Shoulders:
    • Before you can venture into Cradle of Shadows on Veteran mode, Selene’s is the next best Monster set to grind for. Fantastic Stamina DPS Burst damage.


Gear PieceSetWeightEnchantTraitLocation
HelmSelene’sMedium – HeavyStaminaDivinesSelene’s Web (Vet)
ShoulderSelene’sMedium – HeavyStaminaDivinesSelene’s Web (Vet)
ChestHunding’s RageMediumStaminaDivinesBangkorai
ArmsHunding’s RageMediumStaminaDivinesBangkorai
BeltHunding’s RageMediumStaminaDivinesBangkorai
LegsHunding’s RageMediumStaminaDivinesBangkorai
BootsHunding’s RageMediumStaminaDivinesBangkorai
NecklaceSpriggan’sJewelryStamina RecoveryInfusedBangkorai
Ring 1Spriggan’sJewelryWeapon DamageInfusedBangkorai
Ring 2Spriggan’sJewelryWeapon DagameInfusedBangkorai
Weapon 1: AxeSpriggan’sWeaponWeapon DamageNirnhonedBangkorai
Off-Hand: SwordSpriggan’sWeaponOblivion DamageInfusedBangkorai
Weapons 2: BowSpriggan’sWeaponPoison DamageNirnhonedBangkorai

Maelstrom Arena Build:


VMA Sets:

  • Briarheart Armor:
    • This set is absolutely one of the BEST Stamina based DPS sets to keep you alive in the BRUTAL Maelstrom Arena, giving extreme perks to your weapon damage AND Health received for critical strikes.
  • Vicious Ophidian Jewelry + Weapons (Axe & Sword + Bow):
    • This is hands down the best Trial set to use in VMA, providing you with stamina back for your kills AND a Damage increase to your PVE enemies.
  • Velidreth Medium Helm + Medium Shoulders:
    • A Monster set gained through Veteran Cradle of Shadows. This set gives a BRUTAL Damage burst, essential for the best Stamina based DPS.


Gear PieceSetWeightEnchantTraitLocation
HelmVelidrethHeavyStaminaDivinesCradle of Shadows (Vet)
ShouldersVelidrethHeavyStaminaDivinesCradle of Shadows (Vet)
NecklaceVicious OphidianJewelryWeapon DamageInfusedAetherian Archive
Ring 1Vicious OphidianJeweleryWeapon DamageInfusedAetherian Archive
Ring 2Vicious OphidianJewelryWeapon DamageBloodthirstyAetherian Archive
Weapon 1: AxeVicious OphidianWeaponWeapon DamageNirnhonedAetherian Archive
Off-Hand: SwordVicious OphidianWeaponOblivion DamageInfusedAetherian Archive
Weapon 2: BowVicious OphidianWeaponPoison DamageNirnhonedAetherian Archive

Set Side Notes:

The reason why you’d use Vicious Ophidian over, say, Relequen’s, is simply because in VMA, it’s not ALWAYS a DPS race, and you need resources more than anything. Vicious Ophidian simply supplies you with a fantastic amount of damage AND bonus resources for each and every kill. Definitely worth it.


Primary WeaponSecondary Weapon
1:Blade CloakArrow Barrage
2:Surprise Attack Relentless Focus
3:Rending Slashes / Steel Tornado (for AOE)Poison Injection
4:Killer’s BladeRazor Caltrops
5:Rearming TrapLeeching Strikes
Ultimate:Flawless DawnbreakerIncapacitating Strike


  • All Nightblade
  • All Dual Wield + Bow
  • All Medium Armor + First 3 under Heavy Armor (In case you decide to use a Heavy Helm and Shoulders)
  • Improved Hiding under Legerdemain
  • Slayer, Banish the Wicked, and Skilled Tracker under Fighter’s Guild (For those pesky vampire and werewolf players)
  • Undaunted Mettle under Undaunted
  • All Assault
  • Combat Medic and Battle Resurrection under Support
  • Obviously, all racial passives

Champion Points (810):

    • The Tower:
      • Warlord: 30
    • The Lover
      • Tenacity: 43
      • Healthy: 32
      • Mooncalf: 80
    • The Shadow
      • Shadow Ward; 30
      • Tumbling: 45
    • The Antronach
      • Master-at-Arms: 66
    • The Ritual
      • Thaumaturge: 46
      • Precise Strikes: 51
      • Piercing: 32
      • Mighty : 65
    • The Steed
      • Ironclad: 66
    • The Lady
      • Hardy: 59
      • Thick Skinned: 60
      • Elemental Defender: 51
    • The Lord
      • Quick Recovery: 24

Champion Points (300):

    • The Tower:
      • Warlord: 23
    • The Lover
      • Tenacity: 18
      • Mooncalf: 49
    • The Shadow
      • Tumbling: 10
    • The Antronach
      • Master-at-Arms: 51
    • The Ritual
      • Thaumaturge: 12
      • Mighty: 37
    • The Steed
      • Ironclad: 47
      • Medium Armor Focus: 10
    • The Lady
      • Hardy: 19
      • Thick Skinned: 13
      • Elemental Defender: 11


The rotation has definitely changed as of the making of this build page, so here is the NEW rotation for this build:

Begin on the Bow Bar:

Leeching Strikes > Light Attack > Relentless Focus > Light Attack > Endless Hail > Razor Caltrops > Light Attack > Poison Injection > Bar Swap

Then onto our Dual Wield Bar:

Light Attack Immediately after Bar Swap > Blade Cloak > Heavy Attack > Rearming Trap > Light Attack > Surprise Attack > Light Attack > Rending Slashes > Heavy Attack > Surprise Attack – Light Attack weave 3 more times > Bar Swap > Spectral Arrow


These three builds are meant to help you maximize your Stamina Nightblade based DPS through basic content, VMA, and then the most ADVANCED end game content. Remember, the rotations and tactics don’t come instantly, take LOTS of time to practice the rotation on dummies, learn to parse, animation cancel, and soon you’ll be hitting the big heights in NO time!

Here is a video for an actual visual representation of the build:


Angie · May 20, 2019 at 4:32 am

Do you have the rotation written out anywhere??

    Kevduit · May 23, 2019 at 3:15 pm

    My video does the best job at explaining the rotation, but I’ll write one up just to make it all text instead of having to watch the video 🙂