The Blood Bath is a build capable of frying down your enemies with such extreme amounts of damage, with (OBVIOUSLY) Bleed out damage being the main focus, making your enemies wish they became donors, not warriors.

This is a build that requires the Wolfhunter AND DragonBones DLC in order to acquire the sets Savage Werewolf, Blooddrinker, and Balorgh’s. These sets are focused on continuously


  • Redguard: Best Sustain for a Stamina DPS Class
  • Wood Elf: Great Bow damage from Stealth and decent sustain


  • Savage Werewolf Armor:
    • This is the Primary focus of the Blood Bath build. It gives an absolute INSANE light attack bleed damage perk.
  • Blooddrinker Jewelry + Weapons (Axe & Dagger + Bow):
    • This is the set that amplifies your Savage Werewolf set, enabling you to deal MUCH more maximum bleed damage.
  • Balorgh’s Heavy Helm + Medium Shoulders:
    • This set grants you extra Weapon Damage + a beautiful buff that, when you use your ultimate, you gain your total Ultimate SPENT in using your ult, TIMES 2, in weapon damage.


Gear PieceSetWeightEnchantTraitLocation
HelmBalorgh’sHeavyPrismaticImpenetrableMarch of Sacrifices (Vet)
ShoulderBalorgh’sMediumStaminaImpenetrableMarch of Sacrifices (Vet)
ChestSavage WerewolfMediumStaminaDivinesMoon Hunter Keep
ArmsSavage WerewolfMediumStaminaDivinesMoon Hunter Keep
BeltSavage WerewolfMediumStaminaDivinesMoon Hunter Keep
LegsSavage WerewolfMediumPrismaticDivinesMoon Hunter Keep
BootsSavage WerewolfmediumStaminaDivinesMoon Hunter Keep
NecklaceBlooddrinkerJewelryWeapon DamageInfusedBloodroot Forge
Ring 1:BlooddrinkerJewelryWeapon DamageInfusedBloodroot Forge
Ring 2:BlooddrinkerJewelryWeapon DamageBloodthirstyBloodroot Forge
Weapon 1: AxeBlooddrinkerWeaponWeapon DamageNirnhonedBloodroot Forge
Off-Hand: DaggerBlooddrinkerWeaponOblivion DamageInfusedBloodroot Forge
Weapon 2: BowBlooddrinkerWeaponPoison DamageNirnhonedBloodroot Forge


Primary WeaponSecondary Weapon
1:Shadowy DisguiseVigor
2:AmbushPiercing Mark
3:Rending SlashesPoison Injection
4:Surprise AttackShuffle
5:Killer’s BladeRelentless Focus
Ultimate:Incapacitating StrikeFlawless Dawnbreaker


  • All Nightblade
  • All Dual Wield + Bow
  • All Medium Armor + First 3 under Heavy Armor
  • Improved Hiding under Legerdemain
  • Slayer, Banish the Wicked, and Skilled Tracker under Fighter’s Guild (For those pesky vampire and werewolf players)
  • Undaunted Mettle under Undaunted
  • All Assault
  • Combat Medic and Battle Resurrection under Support
  • Obviously, all racial passives

Champion Points (My Personal Setup):

    • The Tower:
      • Warlord: 30
    • The Lover
      • Tenacity: 43
      • Healthy: 32
      • Mooncalf: 80
    • The Shadow
      • Shadow Ward; 30
      • Tumbling: 45
    • The Antronach
      • Master-at-Arms: 66
    • The Ritual
      • Thaumaturge: 46
      • Precise Strikes: 51
      • Piercing: 32
      • Mighty : 65
    • The Steed
      • Ironclad: 66
      • Resistant: 29
    • The Lady
      • Hardy: 49
      • Thick Skinned: 51
      • Elemental Defender: 51
    • The Lord
      • Quick Recovery: 14


The Blood Bath is a build made purely for a burst of INTENSE damage, enabling you to fry down enemies even with tons of health. This set focuses on making sure that you always apply bleed out damage to your foes through light and heavy attacks, utilizing the axes perk to bleed out damage, and Blooddrinker giving you a buff to MORE bleeds.
To play this build efficiently, make sure that you are always focused on an initial burst of damage by range (bow), and follow up with your classic gank with your dual wield. Typical procedure. When you’ve visualized your enemy, make sure that you start off with a heavy attack to poison injection. I’ve recently changed the bow bar from containing focused aim to piercing mark, which will be applied to your enemy DIRECTLY after you heavy attack – Poison inject. As soon as you’re done with that QUICK combo, swap over to your dual wield. Once you’ve swapped to Dual Wield, this is where the fun begins. EVERY light attack you apply to your enemy will put on a SUPER annoying 1000 damage bleed out, which means you want to IMMEDIATELY go into ambush and POUNCE ON THAT FOOL. Once you’ve initiated PHASE POUNCE, you want to hit them with a Light Attack > Rending Slashes > Light Attack > Surprise Attack. You see, making sure that you’ve AT LEAST applied those first couple Light Attack bleeds, and the Rending slash bleed as well, Surprise attack will be your main DPS.
Making sure that you dip in and out of that close range is INCREDIBLY important! Make sure that if your enemy is dropping health, especially below that 50% point, apply the Poison Injection, just to get a beautiful poison dot your enemy (as well as the nice poison glyph light attack). After this, make sure that you are consitently applying the light attack bleeds on your enemy (if they even SURVIVED phase 1) and killer’s blade them until they’re dead. Side note: Make sure to use Ambush. I know that you might not think it’s effective in battle, but it’s your resource regaining station. Dipping into a shadowy will give you a GOOD amount of resources back, so focus on that.


The Blood Bath build is meant to be just a PURE burst of damage, with bleeds applied to your enemies every couple of seconds with consecutive light attacks. Always make sure that you pick the correct fights, that you DON’T go against other very bursty enemies, or at least take them down before they get you first.

Here is a video for an actual visual representation of the build: