Every good thief needs the best of the best to get out there and rob… SO, with that being said, today we’re going to hook you up with the ULTIMATE Thief Build in ESO!

First Things First – The Skills:

Remarkably, people seem to just go out there and steal… without ANY passives that literally improve stealing by ever which way. Here are the most important Skill trees to max out when starting your thieving career:

Thieves Guild (Wow, shocker):

Swiftly Forgotten: Bounty decreases at a MUCH more rapid rate
Haggling: Stolen items are worth up to 10% more
Clemency: Basically a “Get out of Jail free” card ONCE a day
Timely Escape: “Footpads” Escape hatches are now available to escape guards
Veil of Shadows: Decreases the detection range of Witnesses and Guards

Dark Brotherhood:

Blade of Woe: Insta kill 360 no scope assassination
Scales of Pitiless Justice: Bounty reduction time
Padomaic Spring: Major Expedition after killing a Citizen


Improved Hiding: Literally as it describes, improved stealth
Light Fingers:
Higher % to pickpocket
: Increases the number of items you can sell to the fence
Locksmith: Improves your lockpicking chances
Kickback: Reduces fines payed to guards AND fences


Obviously EVERY professional Thief needs their GO-TO setup to properly rob at maximum overdrive, so here are a couple sets to really help speed up the stealing, and create easier escapes:

Night's Silence: With all 5 Pieces, this set COMPLETELY ignores the Movement speed penalty of sneaking.

Jailbreaker: Gain Minor Expedition at ALL times.

Mundus Stone:

The Steed. It’s hard to beat a Mundus stone that literally gives you straight up increased Movement Speed, and then a little bit of Health Recovery on the side if things heat up with the coppers.

Final Skill to pay the bills:

Although this isn’t quite the build you’d run through PvE content, you still want a COUPLE of abilities to really help out with the whole stealing situations.

To FINALLY grant you that last thing you need, Major Expedition, make sure that the ability Retreating Maneuver is on your bar. This gives you that last boost of speed you want PLUS an immunity to snares, immobilization, and removes any that are already applied to you.

The Job:

I made a video a while back to show off some of the BEST locations to rob, giving a hefty sum of money if done correctly. Check it out, and use the ESO Ultimate Thief build to test it out!

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