Ash Heap Coal Camp

This coal camp, located right in the middle of the Ash Heap, is nice and close to the massive workshop drill next door, making it an easy access farm every time you log on. On top of that, you are quite close to ALL the events that take place here, making it a quick and cheap travel.

Ash Heap Lead Camp 1

This Lead Camp is located just on the border from the Savage Divide/Forest into the Ash Heap, making it a nice quick travel to both places. It’s also one of the more *decent* looking areas in this absolute wasteland, so you get a nice view into the prettier part of the world.

Ash Heap Lead Camp 2

This Lead camp is located right beside the Estates, making it an ideal location for people wanting to farm all the buildings and the Mining facility just south of this Lead node. This area can have high level enemies spawn, so just make sure your prepared for the occasional intense fight.

Ash Heap Iron Camp 1

This Ash Head Iron camp is located over by the massive drill workshop, offering the opportunity to grab it for quick XP and easy resources. On top of that, it’s in the center of the Ash Heap, making it an easy and cheap travel to all the events that take place here.

Ash Heap Iron Camp 2

This Iron Camp is located along an outskirt road from Charleston, making the town but a minutes walk away. This offers some better scenery than the dreary interior of the Ash Heap, and has some junk filled buildings nearby, making it ideal for building up your resources.

Ash Heap Silver Camp

This Silver camp, located just North of the massive Drill workshop gives a pretty fantastic view of the Forest, but also access to all the nearby mining facilities, able to be looted, as well as farmed for Mole Miners who carry a TON of items that can be scrapped for a good amount of junk.

Ash Heap Uranium Camp

This Uranium Campsite is not the safest, but offers a pretty intense amount of enemies to farm in the area. Both Super Mutants AND Raiders spawn in this area, at all the nearby buildings, meaning that you can farm up some serious weaponry and resources while your campsite mines the Uranium. 

Ash Heap Black Titanium Camp

This Black Titanium campsite is definitely focused more towards players who want to fight a Scorchbeast. That, and a ton of robots and scorched in general. This site, although offering the rare resource of Black Titanium, will definitely put your combat skills to the test, but will reward you with lots of XP and resources from killing all the nearby enemies.

Ash Heap Junk Camp

This Ash Heap Junk camp is definitely my favorite spot in the Ash Heap, as it allows you to build your camp directly on a bus, giving opportunity for some interesting camp builds. On top of that, it’s quite close to the Big Bend tunnel, giving easy access to the Cranberry Bog, AND all the good resource grinding buildings nearby.