Cranberry Bog Lead Camp

Located in the Northern part of the Cranberry bog, beside Robco Research Center, this Fallout 76 Camp is a great location to stay (MOSTLY) away from the hectic life of the Cranberry Bog, yet is also close to a murder robot lair to grind some XP. On top of that, you get a Lead node to farm.

Cranberry Bog Oil Camp

This Fallout 76 Oil Camp is located in the Southern part of the Cranberry Bog, right near the crossing in the Savage Divide. You might see the occasional Scorchbeast, but for the most part you’ll only be fighting the rift raft of the zone.

Cranberry Bog Acid Camp

This Fallout 76 Acid Camp is located up in the Northern part of the Cranberry Bog, right next to a beautiful forest of Pink Trees. This is a slightly more Scorchbeast infested area, so you’ll probably want to have the strength to fight em as you farm your Acid.

Cranberry Bog Phosphate Camp

This Fallout 76 Phosphate Camp is located in the near center of the Cranberry Bog. Around here, you’ll be MOSTLY in a peaceful spot, with the occasional Scorchbeast flying over, or the local raiders wandering around. Truth be told, a much safer Camp location than most in this area.

Cranberry Bog Aluminum Camp

This Fallout 76 Aliminum Camp is located in a more risky location, smack dab in the center of the Cranberry Bog. You’ll more thank likely fight a number of tougher enemies living in this location BUT the Aluminum node, as well as having water for maximum purified water grinding, is well worth it.

Cranberry Bog Lead Camp 2

This secondary Cranberry Bog Lead Camp is located in probably the riskiest location in the entire Bog. Although it’s got a great view AND a Lead Node, you are right in the firing range of (typically new player) nukes dropping, Scorchbeasts, and even Snallygasters. BE CAREFUL. 

Cranberry Bog Concrete Camp

This Cranberry Bog Concrete Camp is located right outside of Watoga, in a DECENTLY safe area. Here you also get the luxury of having a lot of water resources right beside your camp, not to mention a Deathclaw spawn at the powerplant for some easy XP.

Cranberry Bog Junk Camp

This Fallout 76 Junk Camp is located just outside of the Savage Divide in the North West area of the Bog. Junk nodes can be quite valuable just in themselves, so having this location in the Bog is mostly for farming resources.

Cranberry Bog Silver Camp

This Fallout 76 Silver Camp is located on a nice little “island” outside the Deputy’s station, with water all around for easy farming. If I’m being honest, this is one of my favorite locations in the Bog to have a house.

Cranberry Bog Copper Camp

This Fallout 76 Copper Camp is located RIGHT out of the Mire, with some nice views the Cranberry Bog. This area can be a bit risky, with the Scorchbeasts and all, but Copper is a rarity to have, so having this location makes it worth it.