Forest Oil Camp

This Oil Camp in The Forest is located near two good grinding locations. While your camp generates Oil for you, head either to the Lumber Mill, the Vault behind your home, or the Cultist camp just over the mountain peak to grind for weapons, armor, and other valuable resources.

Forest Acid Camp 1

Much like the previous Oil Camp, this Acid Camp is meant to grind Acid for you instead, with all the same benefits. This camp is situated SLIGHTLY closer to the Cultist camp, only a minute run away, making it a quick and easy grinding location.

Forest Acid Camp 2

This is the second Acid camp we have in the Forest, right beside Arktos Pharma. This is one of the better locations, especially for new players, because not only are you able to teleport anywhere in the forest without spending lots of caps, but you can grind Acid, which is not easy to come by for beginners.

Forest Copper Camp

This Copper Camp is located right beside the (peaceful) Raiders settlement River Adventures, which can actually be grinded every day for Raider reputation! On top of that, you have your Copper mine continuously farming for you, and a close teleport to the Ash Heap.

Forest Copper and Iron Camp

This is a very sought after camping spot, as it’s very close to Vault 76, but this specific camp, if placed correctly, allows you to farm BOTH Copper and Iron at the SAME TIME. Yup, you literally just place your camp in between the two nodes and let your resource miners do their job while you head out looking for adventure.

Forest Iron Camp 1

This Forest Iron Camp is also located quite close to the River adventures, once again making it an ideal Raider Reputation grinding campsite. On top of that, you’re close to the Ash Heap, have water RIGHT next to your camp, and are pretty secluded from enemies (Also protected by the Raiders).

Forest Iron Camp 2

This Iron Camp is ideal for players who want a higher elevation campsite, as well as one that’s near the middle of the map, a cheaper teleport to the Savage Divide and the Ash heap. Here you also have the Super Mutant/Raider/Cultist spawning town directly below you, which means lots of XP and resources to collect.

Forest Silver Camp

This Silver Camp is quite the hike up the mountain, very close to the Border of the Savage Divide, and gives a great view of the Forest. On top of that, you’re right next to an enemy outpost, which usually spawns both Super Mutants and the occasional Floaters to farm. 

Forest Gold Camp

This is one of the prettier locations in the Forest, right of the road and close to multiple beneficial landmarks. Not only can you grind for gold here, but you can get enemies spawning around your house to farm when they do, as well as having the junkyard buildsite just down the road from your house to take over and farm Junk. Lots of opportunity at this one.

Forest Uranium Camp

This Uranium Camp might be a trickier area for New players to manage, as higher level enemies can occasionally roam the area. Here you have the benefit of having a middle map camp, giving cheaper teleports and more access to the higher level areas. 

Forest Junk Camp

This Forest Junk Camp is located in between River Adventures and the Mothman cult town Point Paradise. Not only that, but you have a workshop here you can take over to grind even more resources, on top of the Junk node directly on your campsite already.