Savage Divide Aluminum Camp

Sitting at the Northern part of the Savage Divide, this Aluminum camp has a nice flat building area, hidden from player griefing. On top of that, you are incredibly close to the munitions factory for some easy resource farming, as well as Vault 79 for a quick teleport to the Gold Bullion shop. 

Savage Divide Copper Camp

This Northern Savage Divide Copper camp is located between the palace and the munitions factory, both very useful grinding locations. On top of that, just north of your home is a cultist camp, a quick grind for stimpaks, junk, and ammo. 

Savage Divide Gold Camp

This Savage Divide Gold Camp is conveniently located directly above the Red Rocket Mega station, perfect for grinding a ton of resources while you go out and adventure. On top of that, you’re close to Vault 79 and the Pumpkin patch, meaning both Gold Bullion items AND quick questing.

Savage Divide Oil Camp

This Savage Divide Oil Camp is located conveniently beneath the Pumpkin Patch, and just south of the Red Rocket Mega Station, meaning quick quests and easy farming for resources. You’re also located right next to Hopewell Cave, which means a guaranteed Deathclaw, Scorchbeast, and random other Cryptid spawn! 

Savage Divide Acid Camp

Acid itself is one of the most sought after resources in the game, so this Savage Divide Acid Camp is already worth being here just for that. BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE. You’re located on a beautiful flat plateau, perfect for building, clear of most trees, and finally, you have a central map spot, which means cheaper travels anywhere on the map.

Savage Divide Coal Camp

This Savage Divide Coal camp is located in a very quiet and remote area, perfectly flat for building. On top of a great building spot, this camp is located next to a Raider camp, the Astral Observatory, and the Wendigo cavern, meaning so quick travels to easy XP, Junk, and farming resources!

Savage Divide Lead Camp

This Savage Divide Lead camp is located directly south of the Wendigo Cavern, meaning that you’ve got that whole place to farm for resources and XP. You are also close to the Top of the World (alongside the train station there) so you can quickly travel there to sell your items. This is also conveniently in the center of the map, meaning a really easy travel to almost anywhere in Appalachia. 

Savage Divide Junk Camp

This first Savage Divide Junk Camp is RIGHT beside the top of the world, and is typically one of the most sought after locations to build upon. This area has NUMEROUS reasons to want to build here, a few of them being a raider settlement right nearby for farming Stimpaks, train station right next door, central location for cheaper travels, and is a flat area for building a great house. 

Warning: This camp is TYPICALLY taken, so you might have to server hop until you find a server where it’s not taken.

Savage Divide Junk Camp 2

This Second Savage Divide Junk camp is located right next to West Tek, meaning that not only are you able to farm junk all the live long day, you’re next to one of the best grinding locations in the entire game. West Tek gives an insane amount of XP from killing Super Mutants, on top of all the steel you can farm from deconstructing their weapons (with the scrapper perk card of course!) One of my favorite Savage Divide Camps.