Toxic Valley Oil Camp

This Oil Camp is situated just North of the water park, meaning that you have the chance of a Sheepsquatch spawning in, as well as TONS of radstags, giving you easy food. On top of that, it’s also got a nice flat building location, for those that don’t like having to adjust their builds to terrain.

Toxic Valley Acid Camp

This Acid Camp is located smack dab in the center of the Toxic Valley, and once again gives you a nice flat building location. The only thing you need to be wary of here is the continuously spawning mongrels, mirelurks, and snallygasters. Makes for a good enemy farming location, though.

Toxic Valley Copper Camp

This Copper farming camp is situated high up the cliffside, just bordering the forest. This site is located near TWO cultist camps, meaning quick and easy XP/resource farming. On top of that, you have a pretty decent view from this mountain side, as well as a relatively flat spot to build easily on. 

Toxic Valley Iron Camp

This Iron Camp is located RIGHT next to the dam, giving you quick access over to the workshop on the other side, as well as farming all the Super Mutants living on the dam itself. This location has some nice forest, at least, so it’s not quite as bland as the valley itself.

Toxic Valley Silver Camp

This Silver camp is located right next to a river AND a spawn of many various different animals, such as Mongrels, Radstags, Bloodbugs, Yao Guai, and more. The river definitely is a plus, as many nodes don’t have nearby water sources to farm.

Toxic Valley Black Titanium Camp

This Black Titanium campsite is up atop a cliff, just bordering the Forest. You’ll get the occasional NPC’s spawning here, meaning potential random encounter Reputation, and/or merchants to easily sell to. This also is a fairly flat location with a pretty decent view of the Valley.

Toxic Valley Junk Camp

This Junk node Campsite is located in between an ACTUAL farm (so easy food) as well as the Pioneer scouts quest point and the Trailer park. Although the scenery from this spot isn’t the greatest, it doesn’t offer a good amount of nearby resources to quickly farm.

Toxic Valley Lead Camp

This Lead camp is conveniently located JUST outside the Raider city of Crater. On top of that, you have a nearby cabin filled with valuable junk to scrap, as well as enemies to kill for even more. This spot also has the chance to spawn random enemies, giving you even more bang for you buck.