Fallout 76 Camp Guides

The Best Forest Camps

The Forest offers some very unique camp sites to grind resources, be close to XP and items farms, and just flat out gorgeous spots.

The Best Toxic Valley Camps

Although the Toxic Valley isn't the prettiest area in the world, it offers some pretty great resources nodes to place your camp on, taking full advantage of grinding for junk while you're out exploring.

Fallout 76 Savage Divide Camps

The Best Savage Divide Camps

The Savage Divide offers so many great locations to build your camp, areas that are both beneficial and practical resource wise and farming wise.

Fallout 76 Camp Guides

The Best Ash Heap Camps

The Ash Heap, one of the more deadly areas to live, actually has quite a few beneficial places to put your camp, taking full advantage of the various nodes and resources to collect!

Fallout 76 Cranberry Bog

The Best Cranberry Bog Camps

The Cranberry Bog, last area in the game where end game players will travel to get the most valuable resources and fight the toughest enemies. Why not LIVE there?