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Fallout 76 Circuitry Farm

Fallout 76 Circuitry Farming

Fallout 76 Circuitry Farm

Circuitry is another incredibly important component to crafting anything that involves power, both in CAMP crafting and Weapon/Armor crafting. You need a lot of Circuitry in Fallout 76, so it’s good to try and stock up with as much as you can when you find it.

A couple items can be broken down into Circuitry in Fallout 76, and those items are:

  • Assaultron Circuit Boards
  • Damaged Mainframe Cores
  • Enhanced Targeting Cards
  • Flight Data Recorder
  • Hot Plate
  • Military-Grade Circuit Boards
  • Radio Jammer
  • Scrap Assaultron Head
  • Sensor Module
  • Telephone

Because Circuitry is TYPICALLY found in either specific electronics OR robots, there are quite a number of places you can farm them. Remember, only certain robots actually carry the Circuitry component on them, so you need to kill those specific robots if you want any. 

Some important areas that yield a high amount of Circuitry farming in Fallout 76 are:

  • Atlas Observatory
  • Dyer Chemical
  • Robco Research Center
  • Site Alpha
  • Sugar Grove
  • Watoga City

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