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Fallout 76 Fertilizer Farm

Fallout 76 Fertilizer Farming

Fallout 76 Fertilizer Farm

Fertilizer in Fallout 76 is a material heavily used in the planting of crops and the making of certain chems and explosive items (grenades and such). It’s always handy to have a good amount of Fertilize on your character, as it seems to be the resource that most people don’t have on hand when they need it the most, and can be a slight pain to farm for at times.

Fertilize can be found in several different items, and can be acquired by breaking down:

  • Bags of Fertilizer (go figure)
  • Radioactive Pumpkin Seeds

These two items aren’t super hard to come across, as it seems like certain areas of the game have a lot laying around. 

A few places that have a lot of these specific items to break down are:

  • Beckwith Farm
  • Cobbleton Farm
  • Lewis and Sons Farming Supply
  • Lewisburg
    • There’s a Greenhouse on the ROOF of one of the buildings with a ton of Fertilizer to farm
  • Pumpkin House
    • Quest here gives you a good amount of Pumpkin Seeds, but there are also a TON of pumpkins surrounding the areas to farm (use the green thumb perk card to collect double)
  • Vault-Tec Agricultural Research Center
    • This building (and surround greenhouses) are FILLED with Bags of Fertilizer

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