Fallout 76 Fiber Optics Farm | Fallout 76 Grind Guide

Fallout 76 Fiber Optics Farm

Fallout 76 Fiber Optic Farming

Fallout 76 Fiber Optics Farm

Fiber Optics in Fallout 76 are the component you want to heavily grind for when you’re looking to craft the high-end more so END game focused tech and weaponry. Fiber Optics are 100% needed in the crafting of most of the better weaponry and armor mods, and can drastically help you craft better gear to fight harder enemies. It’s also a key material in crafting some of the more technology focused structures for your CAMP!

That being said, you can find Fiber Optics in a couple of different items when you break them down, mostly in labs or robot filled areas, as they will carry the components on themselves. The items that contain Fiber Optics are:

  • Biometric Scanners
  • Flight Data Recorders
  • High Powered Microscopes
  • Microscopes

These items aren’t super hard to come across, and there are several locations around the map where they will readily spawn. You also need to remember that Fog Crawlers WILL drop these for every kill, typically in a bundle of 5 or so (if you’re lucky).

You want to search each and every “high-tech” facility, as that’s where you will more than likely find a lot of these objects. To get you started, here are a couple areas where you can farm these items to break them down into Fiber Optics:

  • Fort Defiance
    • Make sure to check the top floor with the Brotherhood technology
  • Beckley
    • Town filled with robots, sometimes dropping Biometric Scanners. Microscopes can also be found here
  • ATLAS Observatory
    • Robot filled center with lots of rooms with microscopes
  • National Radio Astronomy Research Center
    • Lots of rooms with microscopes
  • Robco Research Center
    • Another Laboratory filled with robots and microscopes
  • The Whitespring Resort
    • Tons of robots surrounding the areas to farm

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