Fallout 76 Legendary Armor and Weapons Effects

Legendary Effects

For those of you just entering the “Legendary” lifestyle, you will begin to notice that THESE items have stars beside their names, rather than your bland old LAME previous items. What exactly are these? Well, each Legendary item is obtained through killing a LEGENDARY (go figure) enemy, giving you a possible 1-3 legendary effects on that item. Today, we’ll be going through all the Fallout Legendary Armor Effects.

Legendary Effects are EVERYTHING in Fallout 76, ranging from damage, resistances, flat stat bonuses and more. Currently, the maximum amount of effects you can have on a single item is 3 stars, (which means effects), and they can range from being incredibly helpful to flatout garbage.

With all that being said, with these THREE effects, each Fallout Legendary Weapon Effect has different traits and modifiers that add to your build: A Main effect, a Minor Effect, and a Major Effect.

A 1-Star Legendary item will contain a Main Effect

A 2-Star Legendary will contain a Main Effect and a Major Effect

A 3-Star Legendary will contain a Main Effect, a Major Effect, and a Minor Effect.

Now the REAL Question is: What ARE those possible effects? Well, here ya go.

Main Effects

Effect Name:Legendary Effect:
Auto-Stim Automatically use a Stimpak when hit while health is 25% or less, once every 60 seconds
Life Saving While incapacitated, gain a 50% chance to revive yourself with a Stimpak, once every minute
Weightless Weighs 90% less and does not count as armor for the Chameleon mutation
Chameleon Blend with the environment while sneaking and not moving
Cloaking Being hit in melee generates a Stealth field once per 30 seconds
Regenerating Slowly regenerates health while out of combat
Vanguard’s Grants up to 35 Damage and Energy Resistance, the higher your health
Bolstering Grants up to 35 Damage and Energy Resistance, the lower your health
Unyielding Gain +3 to all stats except END when low health
Nocturnal Damage and Energy Resistance increase with the night and decrease with the day
Assassin’s 75% chance to reduce damage by 8% from players
Exterminator’s -15% damage from Mirelurks and bugs
Hunter’s -15% damage from animals
Troubleshooter’s -15% damage from robots
Ghoul Slayer’s -15% damage from ghouls
Mutant Slayer’s -15% damage from super mutants
Zealot’s -15% damage from scorched
Mutant’s 10 Damage and Energy Resist if you are mutated

Major Effects

Legendary Effect:
Increases action point refresh speed
25 poison resistance
25 Radiation Resistance
+1 Strength
+1 Perception
+1 Endurance
+1 Charisma
+1 Intelligence
+1 Agility
+1 Luck

Minor Effects

Legendary Effect:Specific Armor Effects:
75% chance to reduce damage by 15% while while standing still
Become harder to detect while sneaking
Grants the ability to breathe underwater
50% more durability than normal
Reduces damage while blocking by 15%
Falling damage reduced by 50%
75% chance to reduce damage by 15% while sprinting
Increases size of sweet spot while picking locks
Ammo weight reduced by 20%20%-40%-60%-80%-90%
Food, drink, and chem weights reduced by 20%20%-40%-60%-80%-90%
Junk weight reduced by 20%20%-40%-60%-80%-90%
Weapon weights reduced by 20%20%-40%-60%-80%-90%

Legendary Weapon Effects:

Just as there are Fallout Legendary Armor Effects, there are also Legendary Weapon Effects. If you wish to find out more about Legendary Weapons Effects, Click on the Image BELOW:

Fallout 76 Legendary Armor and Weapon Effects