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Fallout 76 Screws Farm

Fallout 76 Screws Farming

Fallout 76 Screws Farm

Screws in Fallout 76 are an essential material that you can never have enough of, and always SEEM to never have enough. They are heavily used in the crafting of all weapons, armors, power armors, tinkering, modifications, and more. Screws can be found in an assortment of different items, but there are a few locations through Fallout 76 that actually have these specific items that you need.

The items that you want to keep an eye out for when farming Screws are:

  • Accordions
  • Acoustic Guitars
  • Banjos
  • Clipboards
  • Desk Fans (All types)
  • Drumsticks
  • Flutes
  • Giddyup Buttercups (all pieces)
  • Globes (all types)
  • Handcuffs
  • Harmonica
  • Hot Plates
  • Hubcaps
  • Mouth Harps
  • New Toy Trucks
  • Pepper Mills
  • Portable Fuel Tanks
  • Scrap Assaultron Heads
  • Silver Lockets
  • Steel Guitars
  • Tongs
  • Toy Cars (All types)
  • Triangle
  • Trumpet
  • Typewriters (All types)
  • Violins
  • Violin Bows

As you read over that list, a couple areas probably popped into your mind as to where you’ve seen those specific items before. It’s highly recommended that you look through most towns and stores to find these items, BUT there are a couple areas where you can easily find a BUNCH of them laying around, just waiting to be farmed. Now remember, once you farm these locations, they won’t always fill back up when you server hop, as well as the fact that other players MAY just steal these items from you first (because, you know, they ARE rightfully yours, right?)

The BEST place to get screws is from the World Event A Colossus Problem.

The locations with a TON of these break-down-into-screws items are:

  • Abandoned Bog Town
    • Top floor of the main (tallest) building contains a room with a TON of desk fans, typewriters, and more. Also, check the bottom lobby floor for more desk fans
  • Sugar Grove
    • In the main lobby before entering the building there are a ton of desk fans and globes on the random desks. Inside the building there are tons of desk fans and globes laying all over the place, so make sure you loot top to bottom.
  • Vault Tec University
    • Another building filled to the bring with various desk fans and other items containing Screws
  • National Radio Astronomy Research Center
    • A Scorched filled building that’s right south of Sugar Grove. Filled with tons of typewriters, globes, and desk fans throughout the building.
  • Atlas Observatory
    • Another great location for desk fans and typewriters, with robots all round containing potential items to scrap into Screws
  • Fort Defiance
    • A massive building filled with various items about to be scrapped into Screws

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