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Fallout 76 Springs Farm

Fallout 76 Springs Farming

Fallout 76 Springs Farm

Springs are another incredibly essential junk item to Farm in Fallout 76. They are used quite heavily in the crafting of various weapons, armors, and power armors, and are often needed while trying to make Modifications for said items. 

Springs can be found in numerous items throughout Appalachia, so as you try to Farm for Springs, try to keep an eye out for items like:

  • Alarms Clocks
  • Battered Clipboards
  • Cameras (Good or broken)
  • Fishing Rods
  • Flip Lighters
  • Giddyup Buttercup (and all pieces)
  • Gold Pocket Watches
  • Handcuffs
  • Kitchen Scales
  • Life Preservers
  • ProSnap Cameras
  • Silver Pocket Watches
  • Toasters
  • Typewriters (All Types)
  • Umbrellas

Each of these items can be found in multiple areas throughout the map, but there are certain locations that contain much more than others, making them the best places to Farm Springs.

On top of a couple really good Spring farming locations, remember that YAO GUAI’S Also drop springs when killed. Just an important fact to remember.

The locations you want to head to in order to farm these items to break down into Springs are:

  • Abandoned Bog Town
    • Top floor of the tall building in town has tons of desk fans & typewriters, as well as the Main floor of the building.
  • Camp McClinktock
    • Scavenge all around the interior of the buildings for desk fans, clipboards, and more Springs based items
  • Mountainside Bed & Breakfast
    • Inside the building contains many items you can break down into Springs BUT there’s also a Yao Guai spawn directly BELOW this B&B to quickly grab a couple Springs from
  • Ohio River Adventures
    • An absolute TON of Life Preservers, Desk Fans, and more.
  • Robco Research Center
    • Tons of clipboards, typewriters, and desk fans scattered throughout the facility, as well as robots that carry spring based components
  • Sugar Grove
    • My go to for Springs, with an absolute ton of items that contain springs scattered both inside the main lobby before entering the building AND within the building itself
  • West Tek Research Center
    • Another facility that contains plenty of clipboards, desk fans, typewriters, alarm clocks, and more

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