Fallout 76 The Burrows Legendary XP Farm Grind

The Burrows is usually the second place I’ll hit for XP and Legendary’s after West Tek. This place is FILLED to the brim with high level Ghouls that give a really great amount of XP, especially when playing with friends, so it’s very important to try and group up to get the maximum amount of Experience out of this little journey. Plus it never hurts to have a tour guide if you’re not sure of this place yet.

The Burrows Legendary XP Farm yields a good 10,000+ XP (Depending on your bonuses, of course), and has the chance to spawn a few Legendary’s if you’re lucky!

My honest opinion, don’t even bother with the robots, they’re literally a waste of time trying to get anything from them.

The Burrows Legendary & XP Grind

In Fallout 76, they’ve started to release “Dungeons” (definitely their own VERSION of what a dungeon is), and they’re usually massive underground areas filled with enemies. Which is perfect, because that’s exactly what we’re looking for. To have a GOOD farming location, you need a lot of higher end enemies to kill, and enemies that have chances to spawn in a legendary farm. Today, we’re looking at the Burrows Legendary & XP Farm, a fantastic way to get easy levels and great new gear.

The Runabout

The Burrows is QUITE the extensive place to get lost in. Surprisingly, over time, you’ll start to understand the similar looking corridors and know how to quickly run through, kill everything, farm the legendary’s, and then get out.

By starting at either sewer entrance, you’ll immediately be greeted by hordes of ghouls just waiting to be farmed up, and as you work your way through, making more and more noise, more ghouls will be attracted. The BEST way to approach this place, as no great map has been charted out for this location yet, is to simply make a loop around. Hit every room as you can along the way, chart the place for yourself, and begin to understand how this big loop connects from one side to the next. There are MULTIPLE rooms absolutely filled to the brim with ghouls, so no room should go unchecked.

Underground Town

At some point you’ll flow OUT of the more sewers looking area and appear in almost an underground town like area. This place is THEE place for legendary’s to spawn. Yes, you more than likely will stumble across a legendary or two just roaming the sewers, but this town is probably the biggest spawn of ghouls you’ll find. Make sure to scour every inch of this area, just making sure all the ghouls have crawled out of their dugouts and have been annihilated.

Also, you’ll find this throne room looking place, this is a where you’ll find a blue key set found on the side table to the LEFT of the throne, which is also your way to the ending area of the burrows. Just in case you haven’t done this place before.

Fallout 76 The Burrows Legendary XP Farm Grind

The Robotic Finale

So, after you’ve murdered all the ghouls in the sewers and you feel proud of yourself and the XP you’ve gained (maybe even a couple legendary’s, if you’re a lucky duck) you can now move onto the ending area. This place is… pretty mediocre, hardly any enemies, not great XP, and a VERY VERY low chance of a legendary spawn (I’ve come across maybe 3 or 4 in around 50 runs or so).

In Order to access this area, you’ll grab those keys, unlock the ending area, and turn a big yellow valve opening a TERMINAL unlock system. This tricked many a player when it first came out. All you have to do is find the terminal (which is big and red, hard to miss) beside a fully locked door. You then go right of the terminal through a sewer opening, run down that path, and you’ll come to a room with the yellow valve in it, and more than likely a couple of ghouls.

Once that’s done and the door is opened via the terminal, you’ll head into a room to kill a few Mr. Gutsy’s, maybe a protectron or two, and end up in a large room with 3 Mr. Gutsy Spawns AND an Assaultron “boss.” Once you’ve taken care of those nerds, you’re free to teleport on away, don’t even waste your time leaving the sewers from here, as it’s just a lot of swimming and wandering empty corridors.

As far as I’m concerned, the GOOD part of the Burrows Legendary XP Farm stops at that locked Terminal door. Nothing seems to be worth going for after that.

Up-Town Quick Grind & Vendor

Fallout 76 The Burrows Legendary XP Farm Grind

What a lot of people DON’T know is that Harper’s Ferry actually has a vendor on the NORTH side of town, just standing by one of the red brick buildings near the derailed train. So, if you need to quickly sell a bunch of garbage, there ya go.

There’s ALSO the Legendary Vendor here (not sure why they’re favoring Harper’s Ferry for all the new content) so if you get a load of crap Legendary’s, you can always bring them here for scrip and hope that she gives you something SLIGHTLY better.

Besides the Vendor, there’s a TON of Enemies scattered throughout the town, and they rotate from being Scorched, Super Mutant’s, or just more Ghouls. It’s worth killing em up just to gain all the beautiful bonus XP.

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