Fallout 76 Treasure Map Locations

The Treasure Maps in Fallout 76 can be found everywhere, from supply drops to enemy corpses, but finding them is another story. Here is a guide to ALL the locations of where you can find your precious treasures.

Forest Maps

Forest Map #1

Under the Bridge South of Point Pleasent

Forest Map #2

Under a Cooking Spit South of the Scout Tower

Forest Map #3

Under some Monkey Bars on the Border of the Ash Heap

Forest Map #4

Beside the plane at the Farm

Forest Map #5

East of the Train yard, beside a broken train caboose

Forest Map #6

Just north of the Overseers Camp, beside the river

Forest Map #7

On the back right side of the Giant Sign beside Widows Perch

Forest Map #8

Trickier to find, but follow the river outside Morgantown, red bridge in sight

Forest Map #9

Beside a broken down home just outside of town

Forest Map #10

Another tricky one, but on the LEFT side of the canyon, on a small ledge

Ash Heap Maps

Ash Heap Map #1

Right next to the cabin and red jeep

Ash Heap Map #2

Alongside the left side of the concrete gateway

Toxic Valley Maps

Toxic Valley Map #1

Over the small hill beside the toxic water at the farm

Toxic Valley Map #2

Use the water tower for guidance, as this one is just up on the hillside

Toxic Valley Map #3

On the small island next to the beached sailboat

Toxic Valley Map #4

South of the space station, up on the cliffside

The Savage Divide Maps

Savage Divide Map #1

Left side the large facility, on the outside of the fence

Savage Divide Map #2

In the train yard, right where the rail comes to a V

Savage Divide Map #3

Follow the ski lift down from the top, until you find this ledge, it’s beside a downed lift

Savage Divide Map #4

Outside the farm by the bridge, it’s just on the shore of the pond

Savage Divide Map #5

Right underneath the giant sign overlooking Whitesprings

Savage Divide Map #6

Slightly north of the palace, down the walking trail. Definitely use picture for reference

Savage Divide Map #7

Trickier to find, as it’s down the cliff a bit (NOT on the top). Power armor is suggested to jump down

Savage Divide Map #8

Just above the North Camp ON the cliff (gotta jump up) by the motorcycle

Savage Divide Map #9

Another tricky one. Just slightly south of the cabin, down on a ledge side with a bunch of carrot flowers surrounding it

Savage Divide Map #10

All the way up at the most northern scorch spawn, beside the red trucks (you WILL have to fight to get this one)

The Mire Maps

The Mire Map #1

Up at the cabin, beside the outhouse

The Mire Map #2

At the very end of the railway, beside the tunnel opening

The Mire Map #3

Just south of the hotel, on the LEFT side of the bridge (have to run across it if you spawn at the hotel itself)

The Mire Map #4

Under the bridge that’s closest to the dam

The Mire Map #5

Another tricky one. West of the bridge near the power plant, randomly in an open patch of dirt

Cranberry Bog Maps

Cranberry Bog Map #1

Another “under bridge” map, just east of the Brotherhood guarded Bridge

Cranberry Bog Map #2

Outside the Rangers camp, in a trench under a bridge

Cranberry Bog Map #3

Beside the pink forest, right underneath a large dead tree

Cranberry Bog Map #4

North of the railway station, right at the bottom of the massive railway tower