Fallout New Vegas Modlist

Fallout New Vegas

Fallout New Vegas

Downloading mods for Fallout New Vegas can be a tricky business, so make sure you understand how to properly install mods and have basic knowledge on how to work the mod manager.

Fallout New Vegas Modlist

(CaM) – Crimes Against the Mojave

360 Movement

4GB Fallout New Vegas Updated

A Tribe of Two – An Orphaned Baby Companion

A very spooky experience

A Wish For A Nuclear Winter

A World Of Pain

Advanced J3XMotorcycle

Alien Plasma Rifles (Halo Inspired)

AmaccurzerO’s Animated Mojave

Amanda the Deathclaw

Among Us but it’s Fallout

An Open World – No Borders

Anime WOOW UI Sfx

Aperture Science Mojave Branch – working portal gun

Aw I got dead again – Spingebill Death Sound

Awesome Crippling Effects

Awesome Dog Gun

AWOW – A World of Wacky

Battle for Hoover Mall- New Kentucky Fried Chicken Republic and Little Caesar’s legion flags

Beat Guitars

Benny Face Embiggerer

Better New Vegas

Blade Of The Weast

Bonk Melee Sound – New Vegas


Brutal Fall Damage

Bug Hunt

Caesar’s Legion Tanks

Cam – Mane 6 Followers – Revised

Captain America suit with shield

Character Face Presets

Clarity – An Orange Tint Remover

Classic MEC Gauss Minigun

Classic Quad Barrel Riot Shotgun

Classy Deathclaw

Collision Meshes

Companions Infinite Ammo

Conor’s Coffee Mug Replacer

Cory Baxter loading wheel

Critical Hit Cheering

Deathclaw Alpha Male Companion

Deathclaw Launcher – Fixed

Deathclaw Mutant

Deathclaws Dismember

Destiny Weapon Pack

Dodgeball Blaster


Drip main menu music and background replacer

Duncan The Fat man companion

Dwight Schrute’s Face for Securitrons


Eddy Wally Wow

Ede Face and Plasma

Emoji Masks

Endless Warfare

Endless Warfare (MCM)

Enhanced Blood Textures for NV v2_22c


EVE – Essential Visual Enhancements

EXE – Effect teXtures Enhanced


Fallout Character Overhaul

FALLOUT NEW VEGAS AND KNUCKLES – A Loading Screen and Title Theme Mod

Fantasy Swords and Armor – A collection of Iconic Fantasy it

FNV – Nike Air Zoom Citizen

FNV 4GB Patcher

FNV Classic Worldmap

FNV Distorted Face Overhaul (April Fools)

FNV Mod Limit Fix

FNV Project Reality MkI


Fork Redone

FOV Slider

Funny face Presets

goodsprings coffee house hidden map marker

Grab Anything

Grannie Defence Force

Gravity Gun

Halo Assault Rifle Port – Now with ammo counter

High Noon

High Resolution Male Body Textures


Improved Robots Textures

Interior Lighting Overhaul

J3Xified Driveable Motorcycle

Jerma Replaces House


John Cena Nuclear Explosion Replacer Sound

JohnnyGuitar NVSE

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Giorno’s Theme Holotape

Killable Companions

Knighty – Complete Shiny Golden Gecko


Legendary Bloatfly Invasion

Lego Starwars Guns

Lego Yoda Death Sound

Liberty Prime Companion – New Vegas Edition


lStewieAl’s Tweaks

Macho Claws

Markiplier’s Woof

Meme Blaster 4000

Metal Gear Solid Alert

Metal Gear Solid Alert (Sneaking Only)

MGs Neat Clutter Retextures

Michael Rosen Companion Mod

Modern Warfare 2019 Ghost Port

Modern Warfare Remastered Weapons Project

Mojave Enclave Mutants

Mojave Nights – a moon and stars replacer

Mojave Sandy Desert

Mojave Stormtroopers – Imperial Armory

Mojave Stormtroopers – NCR Faction Replacer

Mojave Wildlife

Monster Mod

More Enemies – Fiends

Mr Claw

MrMattyPlays Companion

My Deadliest Yeah Boy Ever


My Little Pony New Vegas is Magic

My Little Tent – Player Home

Natural Waters For New Vegas

NCCS – NosCo Companion System

NCR Ranger Main Menu Replacer

Nevada Skies – Weather Effects

New face of the legion (Didi edition)

New Main Menu Theme _Battlefield 1942

New Vegas – Enhanced Camera

New Vegas Landscape Overhaul Remastered

New Vegas Restoration – NVR

New Vegas Stutter Remover

New Vegas Wacky Companions

New Vegas Weapon Randomizer

Nick Cage Moon


Nothing Personal Kid

Nuclear Armageckon – Exploding Geckos

NV 40k Apocalypse

NV Animated EDE Face

NV Compatibility Skeleton

NV Fistus Follower

NV Randomizer (NVRNG)

NV Vault Boy Companion

NVAC – New Vegas Anti Crash

NVEC – New Vegas Enhanced Content

Obvious BOS Bunker

Official Pipboy Readius – New Vegas Edition

OJO BUENO Texture Pack

Ok Boomer Dialogue mod.

Overly Wild Wasteland Grindhouse Presents — Hidden People Underpants Garden Gnomes Invasion Yes No Huh Buy

Peter Griffin Companion

Pew Pew child voice when using Laser-Plasma-Alien weapons


PipBoyToPSVITA Enclave Retexture

Pokemon NV

Populated Casinos

Populated Wasteland

Press B To Bruh

Press B to SUS

Project Nevada

Pushabilitator – A Balanced Combat Push Mod


Realistic Headshots

Riddick – The Chronicles of Fallout

Roblox OOF sound effect

Rocket Truck and Tank N-1 with other military machines

Rusty the Bear – Companion Mod

Shrek– Mr.House Replacer

Simple Mister Geck Companion

Skeletons In the Mojave

Smooth True Iron Sights Camera

Spaghetti Western Ricochet Sounds for New Vegas

Spongebob BFBB Missile Launcher Sounds Replacement

Spoon Redone

Sprint Mod

ST Robot Race

Super Mario Brothers Companions

Super Mutant Overhaulord

Super Mutants HD – 4k Retextures

Superhot Changes FIXES

T6M Wonder Woman Classic

Terminal Helmet 1.0

Tf2 Your Team has Lost Death music Replacer

The Great Mojave Hunt – Open Season

The Mod Configuration Menu

The Plunginator

The Skeleton

The Strip Open

The Z-43 Hazard Immolation Device

Todd Howard Companion

Todd’s Degenerates

Trusty Vault 13 Lettuce

UIO – User Interface Organizer

Unlimited Companions

Unnecessary Physics

Using the console doesn’t disable achievements

Vegas Ponies

Voyager – Vertibird Explorer

Walter The Companion

Wasteland Encounters

Wasteland Flora and Terrain Overhaul

Wasteland Guitar Hero

Weapon Animation Replacer WAR

Weapon Animation Replacers FOMOD

Weapon Retexture Project – WRP

Weapons of the New Millenia

White Glove Spongebob Mask