ESO Fighter's Guild Level Grind Elder Scrolls Online

The Fighter’s Guild in ESO is hands down one of the most monotonous grinds BUT can be turned into a quick easy run that benefits you in MANY other ways! Most people figure that they’ll just do Fighter’s Guild quests to level up. Sure, you can do that. IF YOU WANNA BE A BIG BABY. Today I’ll go over a couple ways to speed level Fighter’s Guild so that you can be D-D-D-DAWNBREAKING everything in sight! Here is my guide to the Fastest Way to Level your Fighter’s Guild in ESO

Dolmen Runs

I figured since this is probably the most generic yet easy way for new players to insta-level Fighter’s Guild, it’d go first. Dolmens aren’t just a source of potential fortune making items, they also provide a good amount of XP alongside actual Fighter’s Guild points! Of course, you’ll want to go ahead and travel around, completely each and every once of them to get the completion points for doing them BUT once you feel like you just want to grind it up, there are THREE Locations to head to:



Elder Scrolls Online Alik'r Desert Dolmen Run Map ESO Fighter's Guild Level


Elder Scrolls Online Aurdion Dolmen Grinding Map ESO Fighter's Guild Level


Elder Scrolls Online Deshaan Leveling Grinding Map ESO Fighter's Guild Level

Spellscar | Craglorn

Not ONLY is this the absolute FASTEST Way to Level up in ESO, but also probably the Fastest way to level up Fighter’s Guild as well! You see, Fighter’s Guild XP comes in many shapes and sizes, one of those being the absolute destruction of Werewolves, Daedra, and the Undead, and Spellscar is FULL of those. Simply grab a grinding partner and head to Spellscar and begin your rotations. You CAN do this solo, if you understand how to stay alive, but it’s always more helpful if you have someone alongside you help you out. This is hands down one of the fastest ways to completely power level your Fighter’s Guild within a few hours.

Elder Scrolls Online Spellscar Map Location ESO Fighter's Guild Level

Specific Dungeons

Now, although you might ASSUME that all dungeons will help Fighter’s Guild equally, that is a false statement. You need to pick and choose WHICH dungeons to specifically sign up for in order to maximize the Fighter’s Guild experience gain, which means you need to be killing very specific enemies. The following Dungeons are great for leveling up Fighter’s Guild, as they include more heavy amounts of Undead, Daedra, and Werewolves:

  • The Banished Cells I
  • The Banished Cells II
  • City of Ash I
  • City of Ash II
  • Crypt of Heart I
  • Crypt of Heart II
  • Fang Lair
  • March of Sacrifices
  • Moon Hunter Keep
  • White-Gold Tower
  • Imperial City Prison

Court of Contempt | Coldharbor

As my final way of getting a good amount of Experience, Coldharbor. This is a grind notoriously known for just getting basic XP, BUT, little do folks know that you also power level Fighter’s Guild all the while! It’s a simply run around grinding location, but a good one if Spellscar is full

Coldharbor Contempt ESO Fighter's Guild Level

I hope you enjoyed the guide to quickly level your Fighter’s Guild in ESO! For more guides, be sure to check out:

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