Cans For Cash | Making Money Fast in Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 is a game reliant on buying, upgrading, and trading various items you acquire to progress in the game with ease. Problem is that, like any other RPG, Cyberpunk can be INCREDIBLY hard to make cash… if you don’t know some smart techniques.

This is how to make literal HUNDREDS of thousands of dollars within minutes by buying soda.

The Process

I’m sure they’ll change how effective this is shortly after folks start “abusing” this technique, but all in all you just need to spend a little to make a lot.

Oh, and you’ll power grind your crafting doing this as well, so that’s a nice bonus.


First thing you’re gonna want to do is (and you’ll need around, say, 1000 eurodollars for this) buy EVERY single soda pop you can find. These aren’t hard to locate, as they are big ol’ glowing vending machines typically on the sidewalks, especially around stores and such. Simply go up, doesn’t matter which soda you buy, and just spam the purchase button until they’ve sold out.

Each soda pop will run you $10, but that’s not really an issue, as you’ll be turning nearly a $350+ profit for spending around $100 on cans. 


Now that you’ve spent all your murder money on soda, it’s time to do the last thing you’d probably want to do… and that’s destroy it all.

NOW, remember, you’ll definitely want the perk “Mechanic” under technical ability. This is literally a level 1 perk, so you can grab it right when you enter the game. This simply provides you with more crafting components for your deconstruction of stuff.

I’ve managed to get anywhere from 20-50 soda cans per vending machine, and with the “Mechanic” perk activated, you will be able to dismantle each and every can for +6 and +3 uncommon crafting components (not sure what exactly they’re called, but one looks like circuitry, and the other like batteries). That means that in disassembling 10 cans of soda, and the price of 100 eurodollars, you’ve got yourself +60 and +30 of the uncommon crafting components.


And the final step to this process (make sure you’ve leveled up your Technical Ability if you want to power grind your crafting skill a bit here) you craft a bunch of uncommon snipers. These snipers require 29 and 24 uncommon crafting components, making them easily the most practical weapon to craft and sell. Easy math, for 10 cans of soda (60 and 30 uncommon crafting components) you’ve just acquired enough components to craft 1 of these rifles with some to spare. 

Couple things to keep in mind, there ARE more crafting perks to acquire, most of them requiring you to be around level 14 in Technical Ability, and Level 11 in crafting itself, but both offer a VERY generous boost to crafting cost reduction! More snipers for a much cheaper cost.

You might’ve just spent 100 bucks on soda, but as you can notice this uncommon Nekomata Sniper rifle is worth a solid $465 Eurodollars, meaning that you’ve just netted yourself a nice $365 profit!


FINALLY, all your hard work of pressing buttons on a vending machine are going to pay off. HANDSOMELY. 

Now you just head off to sell all the Snipers you just crafting. Keep in mind, you can sell to multiple locations, including market vendors AND your personal bank machines found around the city. Vendors typically have anywhere from 5000-20,000 Eurodollars, and it doesn’t take much to hop around and find multiple locations to sell to in the same area.

One thing to keep in mind, and this is way down the line if you’re just starting out, but using the Crazy Science perk under Technical Ability actually gives you a substantial increase to crafted item selling profit! Hey, if you’re going that route, might as well make an extra buck or two.