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The Flameheart Ghost Fleet World Event is one of many world events that take place across the Sea of Thieves. Marked by a big orange head in the sky, this “world boss” battle can be sailed to if you want to complete it. Similar, but more difficult than the Order of Souls Ghost Fleet mission, this world event can be completed solo, or in a group. Completing Flameheart will reward you with amazing loot, commendations, and getting rid of the annoyingly fierce face in the sky.

This guide was created by the team using the amazing advice and images provided to us by our good friend ChimneySwift11. If you enjoyed the guide, consider checking out his live streams on TWITCH

Locating the Flameheart World Event

Just like any other world event, Flameheart isn’t always going to be available for players to complete. Only one world event can be active at a time on any server, but when Flameheart is available he will only spawn at large islands. So if you don’t see Flameheart on your server you have two choices: keep playing and wait until he shows up, or server hop by logging out and back in until you find a server where he’s already active.

Searching for Flameheart World Event

Completing the Flameheart World Event

Flameheart has four rounds to complete before he is fully defeated, and luckily the fight won’t reset if your ship (or another crew) sinks during the battle. So no need to worry about starting all over, progress will continue from where it was last left off. Keep in mind that this event is open to the entire server, so anyone can swoop in and finish it off if you don’t.

Types of Ghost Ships

There are three different types of ghost ships that you will face during this world event. Each ship has their own “HP” to keep in mind.

  • Basic Ghost Ship – 3 Hits to Scuttle

  • Capt’n Ghost Ship – 10 Hits to Scuttle

  • Flameheart’s Ship – 24 Hits to Scuttle

Types of Damage

ANY ghost ship in this event is able to damage you with the following attacks. Keep in mind that some are FAR more dangerous than others.

Phantom Cannonball

These are like a regular cannonball, just with a cooler look

Flame Phantom Cannonball

Similar to a firebomb, just with an orange phantom shape.

Wraith Cannonballs

LITERALLY a flying gunpowder keg! These cannonballs make a loud screaming sound, and if they hit will put several holes in your ship.

Ghostly Gunpowder Keg

Explosive barrels that drop from the rear of a ghost ship if a crew is sailing behind it.

Ghost Ship Collision

IF you "crash" into a ghost ship it will phase through you and your ship, causing multiple holes of damage.

Round One

Here’s the start of the event. When you “roll up” on the island that Flameheart is Haunting, you’ll get a notification and Flameheart will begin his endless assault of insults. Once you’re close enough, his ghost ships will begin firing at you. In order to clear the first round, you need to defeat seven Basic Ghost Ships (each only needing to be hit three times).

During the fight be sure to keep an eye out for Storage Crates of the Damned that are dropped by enemy ships. These crates hold essential resources (cannonballs, wood, and food). Collecting these will ensure you have enough resources to continue fighting, and can also be sold to the Merchant Alliance for ~ 1000G.

After you scuttle seven ships, (say that 5 times fast) large portals will open and the remaining ships will sail away giving you a moment of breathing room.

Round Two

After some blabbing from our flaming faced friend, more portals will open and more ships will appear. This time, you will see two Ghostly Captain Ships that are sailing with a Basic Ghost Ship on each side. These are the mini-bosses for this round, and you will need to sink BOTH of them to move forward.

Sinking these two Captain Ghost Ships may sound easy, but keep in mind that the captain ships take TEN hits to scuttle. Also with the two ships guarding them on either side, they will all start firing on you if you find yourself in range of their cannons. This can be a lot of firepower to deal with and could spell danger for your crew so be careful.

Once you’ve scuttled both Captain ships, more portals will open and any remaining ships will scurry away through them. This will be your indication that round two has been completed.

Round Three

Round three will begin with several portals opening and several Basic Ghost Ships will emerge. This round is exactly like round one, so scuttle seven ships (I still can’t say that fast), the round will clear, and the remaining ships will portal away.

Round Four

The final round here will begin with an epic tune. Portals will open once again and Flameheart’s flagship, The Burning Blade, will emerge. This is the FINAL boss fight, and the flagship can be identified easily by its black sails with a burning heart insignia.

Alongside Flameheart’s flagship will be four Basic Ghost Ships (two on each side). Additionally this round also contains two more Ghostly Captain Ships, each accompanied by two Basic Ghost Ships just like in round two. Round four contains eleven total ships, each fighting in the name of Flameheart as they circle the island. The Burning Blade takes 24 hits to defeat, and once it’s defeated the Flameheart event is over and any remaining ghost ships will despawn.

Tips for Completing Flameheart World Event

  1. This one shouldn’t even need to be said, BUT come prepared! Make sure before you start the event that you are well stocked on cannonballs, wood, and food. Yes, the scuttled ships can drop supplies, but you don’t want to run out waiting for these drops.

  2. Watch where you’re going! This is twice as important for you solo sloopers. Since the event takes place around a large island, you will be circling the island and if you don’t pay attention you can run into rocks or land depending on which island the event occupies.

  3. Delegate responsibilities. Everyone needs to know what they are responsible for to ensure a clean completion of the event. This will vary by crew size, but keeping 1 person on the wheel/sails while others take cannons and repairs is a good strategy.

  4. Prioritize targets. Keep in mind the requirements needed to clear each round and how many hits each ship needs to take before it is defeated. This will help you focus on taking out the weaker ships first, which could result in you clearing the rounds faster.

  5. Keep moving! Slow and still targets are easy to hit, which means if you stop even just to grab loot, the ghost ships can easily zero in on your position and are probably feeling like they just got a free pass to sink your ship.

  6. Keep a steady speed. Sailing at full sail may be too fast to hit your shots, and you will pass by the targets faster than you can scuttle them. Somewhere between half and three quarter sails is the ideal speed, switching to a full sail to get away or catch up if needed.

Solo Tips

If you enjoy playing Sea of Thieves Solo, this event CAN absolutely be completed by yourself! So if you’re up to the extra challenge here’s a few tips just for you.

  1. Poco a Poco, Little by Little. DON’T try to speed run this! Take your time on each round. Give yourself plenty of time to check the horizon, adjust course, repair and replenish supplies.

  2. In and Out. During each phase, you’ll want to pop in, send off a few shots, then duck out. This will help keep you from being overwhelmed and ending up at the bottom of the sea because you took on too many enemies at once. 

  3. Avoid being on the broadside of multiple ships. Instead, try to position the front of the enemy’s ships on your broadside. This will allow you to deal damage while limiting the damage that you take.

Sea of Thieves Solo Sloop

Solo Sloop Guide

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Rewards for Completing Flameheart World Event

Each of the different ghost ships will drop different loot, so make sure you scoop it all up for max profit and progression towards commendations. Make sure you defeat BOTH Ghostly Captain Ships in the final round first, because once The Burning Blade is sunk, the fight is over.

Basic Ghost Ships

  • Storage Crate of the Damned (NOT a guarantee).

Ghostly Captains Ships – will always drop 7-9 pieces of loot

  • Chests of the Damned

  • Ashes of the Damned

  • Skulls of the Damned

  • Storage Crate of the Damned (NOT a guarantee).

The Burning Blade

  • Drops 15 random pieces of Ghostly Damned treasure (this includes Chests of the Damned, Ashes of the Damned, and Skulls of the Damned.)

  • 1 Cannonball Crate of the Damned (contains Phantom Cannonballs, Flame Phantom Cannonballs, and Wraith Cannonballs)

  • 1 Captain Skull of the Damned

All these treasures can be sold to their respective groups, or the Reaper Alliance will accept them all! For more info on who will buy what, check out our guides below.

Commendations for Flameheart World Event

Here is a list of Commendations you can earn by completing the Flameheart World Event. These few require you complete the Flameheart World Event to achieve progression. Unleash the Damned can be completed without completing Flameheart IF you steal the Wraith Cannonballs from another player.

Flameheart Specific Commendations Unlocks

Sea of Thieves Commendation

Banisher of The Spectral Flame

Defeat the Burning Blade (0/10) Times

Unlocks the Burning Blade Sails

Sea of Thieves Commendation

United Against the Flame

Defeat the Burning Blade whilst in an Alliance


Sea of Thieves Commendation

Unleash the Damned

Hit another Crew's ship with a Wraith Cannonball (0/25) 

ONLY your shots count, not your crews, hits on Skeleton Ships also count towards progress.


Here is a list of the Commendations you can earn as a bonus to completing the Flameheart World Event. You can also complete these by doing the Order of Souls Ghost Ship Voyages.

Order of Souls Commendations Unlocks

Sea of Thieves Commendation

Scourge of the Damned

Defeat Ghost Ships (0/500)


Sea of Thieves Commendation

United Against the Damned

Defeat Ghost Ships whilst in an Alliance. (0/25)


Sea of Thieves Commendation

Hunter of the Damned Captains 

Sell Captain Skulls of the Damned (0/50)

Unlocks the Ghost Captain Sails 

Final Thoughts From ChimneySwift11

The Flameheart Ghost Fleet World Event is probably my favorite World Event in Sea of Thieves. Not only do I find it fun to complete, but it’s also something I can do solo while also feeling like I’m getting a good challenge. My experience completing this event is often different each time, which keeps things feeling fresh. From fighting Flameheart around different islands, fighting in different conditions, sometimes having to fend off enemy players, it’s always an interesting experience and is something I’d recommend trying! My absolute favorite fight I’ve ever had against Flameheart was when a thick fog rolled in and I could barely see the ghost ships around me…it was really atmospheric and a Sea of Thieves memory I’ll never forget. As someone most often plays Sea of Thieves solo, I appreciate the challenge I’m faced with when attempting Flameheart by myself. I also feel like the event is a great way for me to practice my cannon shots as well as getting better at bailing water and repairing my ship during stressful situations. Lastly, the music is just fantastic during this event! Especially during Round 4 when The Burning Blade appears. So what are you waiting for? You’ve read the guide…now get out there and show Flameheart who’s boss!

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