Gathering is one of the three Trade Skills in New World. However, sometimes finding what you need to start leveling these skills can be a struggle. Here is a guide to help you level up ALL the Gathering Skills.

Gathering Skills:

Before we get started on how to level up each of the 5 skills under the Gathering Skill Tree lets look at what they each are and what you get for leveling them up.

Logging is your basic Paul Bunion skill line requiring an Axe which allows you to harvest wood from trees. Wood is a crafting component that can be used to create anything from weapons to furniture.

Making any Dwarven ancestor proud, mining is the skill of smashing rocks to collect ore. Ore is a required component in almost every crafting recipe. 

The greatest of all skills, Fishing is a true gamers calling. Fishing allows players to not only put some meat on the table but you can also pull in “junk” that can be salvaged into ore, wood and fibers, and even some rare resources used in Arcana. 

Harvesting may sound like a useless skill, but in fact it is fundamental for a few Crafting skills. Harvesting encompasses crops used in cooking, herbs used for Arcana, and even fibers used in Weaving and Armoring. 

Tracking and Skinning is a age old tradition passed down for generations. This skill allows you to collect the hides of animals that are killed and higher levels allow you to track them to make for faster hunting.


Where chopping down trees may sound like an easy enough job to do, finding an area that has a large amount of trees that are in your level range may not be as easy as it sounds. New worlds is full of trees just waiting to be chopped, but with the large number of players, it’s first come first serve. Below are a few of my favorite “out of the way” chopping zones.

Level 1 - 25 Zones:

There are a few spots in First Light that I recommend checking out. Best spot I’ve found is Northeast of Fullmoon Den, this light brown area on the map has a TON of Young Trees, letting you chop till you drop. Be warned, the further east you get you will start to run into level 18 enemies, so stick to the western half if you’re a lower level.

If you’re above level 50 in chopping, than there is a great spot with TONS of Mature Trees just Southwest of the Fort in First Light.

When traveling around Windsward, there are a few places that you should visit if you’re looking to grind your Logging skill.

The best place in Winsward is between Merrill’s Place and Cooper’s Ranch. There is a large area here with dense trees making ideal for grinding. Most are Young Trees in this area with a few Mature Trees scattered about making it a good area regardless of your level.

Still Searching…

Still Searching…


Mining skill starts out with just smashing whatever rocks you find, but soon you will be able to use your pickaxe to harvest precious metals that can help you craft some powerful weapons and armor. Here’s a few places that I’ve found that help with the leveling:

Level 1 - 25 Zones:

There are a few places that I’d recommend to start mining at here in First Light.

East of Hatchburg Fishery has a good area with a lot of stone perfect for leveling up your mining, and inside the cave to the east there is a Gold source if you have the level for it.

Probably the BEST place in First Light to level your mining is the area North East of Fullmoon Den. There are TONS of Iron Ore scattered around the mountain sides, piles of stones scattered around in the forest, and even a couple of Silver Ore nodes inside the wolves den. If your mining level is high enough there are even two Shockspire nodes on the east side of the forest.

Windsward has two areas that I found where you can easily level up your mining while obtaining some good ores.

The first area is just south of the Windsward Hamlet, now many people over look the amount of stone when mining here, making this a great place to level up your mining with the HUGE supply of stone in the area.

Next area is just East of the first, in the area surrounding Perilbrook. The enemies in this area are around level 13 – 17 so tread carefully while you are mining. Tons of Iron ore and even my first sighting of Orichalcum Ore are up north. Make sure you get those lodestones here as there are a few scattered about.

When grinding in Everfall there are two places I recommend to grind your mining skill.

For lower level Miners I say mine the area around Stonereach Mountains. Just West of the Outpost the mountains here hold a lot of locations to mine Iron and Silver Ore.

New Worlds Mining Map

For those who are higher than Level 20, there is a beautiful place where you can find TONS of Lodestone just waiting for you to snag. It the Southeastern most tip of Everfall is Ginger Hovel, and this is definitely the place to mine for higher level Miners.

New Worlds Mining Map

Monarch’s Bluffs is home to one of the largest mines I’ve seen so far, however this mine area isn’t the only place to get your mining grind on.

Just south of the mines is a large clearing area, this area has massive amounts of stone all over and even some Iron mixed in here and there. Best part is you don’t have to fight off any enemies to mine here, just stay up on the cliffs and you can mine in peace.

Once you’re at least level 10 in mining you can now go to the “big boy mine” and start mining the actual mine. Now this area is split into two, the Northern mine is a level 7 area, and the Southern mine is level 15. The GOOD stuff is mostly in the north mine anyways so going south isn’t needed. Be warned, the Gold in the southern mine is guarded by an Ancient creature who can and will kill you while you’re mining.


Fishing is all about WHERE you are casting your line. So far, Fishing is the slowest leveling of the Gathering skill lines. However, it has been one of the most beneficial as it provides a large amount of ingredients for several different crafting skills. Check out our dedicated Fishing guide to learn more! Just Click Below:

New World

New World Fishing Master Guide

Whether you want to relax with a pole in hand or get some items for crafting, fishing can be a go-to for anyone. Here’s our Master New World Fishing Guide, made just for you!


From farmlands to forests, Harvesting is so far my favorite thing to do in New Worlds. Running around scrounging up ingredients is a great way to make both gold and level up a few crafting skills.

There are only a couple of places that I’d recommend to start Harvesting in First Light. 

An easy area is over at Hatchburg Fishery. Here you’ll find only a few items, but it’s a quick start towards leveling up your Harvesting. This area may be overrun with players since it’s home to several beginner missions.

New World Harvesting Map

Probably the BEST place in First Light to level your harvesting is Dayspring Mills. It’s just northeast of the Fishery, here you will find a lot of crops that you can harvest along with a few hemp bushes to get that precious fiber. Stick to the north side of the town as there aren’t as many nodes to harvest from around the houses.

New World Harvesting Map

The last place is less about quantity and more about quality. Up north at Campbell’s Rest there is the first Magical Creature (big bugs on a stick) that I’ve found so far, and a good source of carrots and broccoli for the chefs-in-training.

New World Harvesting Map

Windsward has three HUGE farms scattered around its southern half, these are a huge upgrade from the ones back in First Light. 

Starting at the lowest level area, we have Cooper’s Ranch. Just east of the Settlement this ranch houses several fields home to a variety of harvestable crops.New World Harvesting Map

Next farm is just to the south, here you’ll find Merrill’s Place, well balanced with different crop options and a decent amount of Elemental Motes for the Arcana nerds.

New World Harvesting Map

Did someone say Carrots? Well apparently Willette’s favorite food was carrots as that seems to be the only crop she grew. Recommended level of 18 makes this the last stop on this harvesting train. BIG bonus to the level 100 harvesters out there, there is a single node of Silkweed just east of the farm.

New World Harvesting Map

There are a few places in Everfall to grind the harvest skill, each filled with enemies to either fight or avoid. Here’s our list from lowest to highest monster level.

Bradbury Farm has a few fields that are just packed with Cabbages and various other items. This area holds monsters around level 7 making it a perfect spot to begin the grind.

Next we have Olcott Family Farm with Level 15 enemies, this is THE spot in Everfall to harvest Fibers (Hemp). Add in the large amounts of potatoes, carrots and corn make this a one stop shop for grinding that Harvesting skill.

New World Harvesting Map

Final area I’d suggest in Everfall is just north of the settlement at Kelleher Farmstead. This huge area is right next to a fishery that has bonus items to harvest. With enemies at level 17 this is not for lower level players.

New World Harvesting Map

There are several farms in the southwestern side of Monarch’s Bluffs, all of which are recommended level 20+. But these areas all provide a ton of resources to help you grind your harvesting skill.

Starting off the list we have Farside Township. This area is overstocked with Squash and Cabbage, with several Death Mode plants to harvest also. 

New World Harvesting Map

Next spot is Lakeside Farm, here we have heaps of blueberry bushes and herbs, and some sprinkles of other crops.

New World Harvesting Map

Lastly, we have THE only farm I’ve found that actually grows Hemp. So if you are able to deal with the level 23 enemies, these hemp bushes are yours to collect that needed Fiber.

New World Harvesting Map 

Tracking and Skinning:

Tracking and Skinning are two skills that every good hunter needs. From itty bitty bunnies to big bad wolves, hunting is a must to obtain both the food and leather needed for your crafting recipes.   

There are a few decent places here in First Light that I’d say are worth visiting if you’re going to grind some Tracking & Skinning levels.

First area is literally your beginner hunting grounds, between the ship wrecked shores and First Light’s Hamlet is Fullmoon Den. This area has wolves and turkeys for those around level 6, and boars further east for the lower level newbies.

For the higher level nerds you’ll want to head further north to the elite hunting grounds. There are several areas all with wolves ranging from level 9 to level 23.

Windsward is a rather intesting place, as most of the areas to do anything here are all along the south and western borders. For the Tracking and Skinning grinds though, the best places I’ve found are:

Wolf hunting for level 6 players at Dankfur Den, and for level 14 visit Scratchrock Burrow to hunt Lynx.

Everfall has some of the best hunting locations to grind your skinning and tracking skill. Here are the locations that I use:

For low level players Faith’s Bounty hunting ground is the place to go. It is located just north of the settlement in Everfall and your prey here is no higher than level 6. There are two zones you want to focus on, marked on the map below.

New Worlds Skinning and Tracking Map

The next spot I’d recommend is just northwest of the Everfall settlement called Stonereach mountains. This area has 3 different hot spots. The lower left circle on the map is your go to for Wolves. The other two locations are good for sheep.

New Worlds Skinning and Tracking MapLast spot, for those high level skinners, is the Ginger Hovel. This level 22 zone will require you to be over level 40 in skinning and tracking but is well worth the fights as you will get over 300 xp per skin.

New Worlds Skinning and Tracking Map

Monarch’s Bluffs seems to be one of those regions that only has two stages: beginner and seasoned veteran. I was able to dig up two areas that seemed to do well for my Tracking and Skinning skill line.

First is the area surrounding the Hamlet. This area has a large variety of animals to hunt. On the shores south of the hamlet are droves of level 3 boar. The entire area south is stuffed with Turkey and Wolves making it an endless buffet of XP.

Now for those who are higher level, Monarch’s Bluffs has an overpopulation problem of dangerous wildlife. Everywhere between Farside Township to Lodestone Lair is just populated with Wolves and other dangerous wildlife. When they say danger… I say XP.