At Level 25 you are able to get the quest “Animal Instincts” from Tosch just under the Settlement “Cutlass Keys”. This quest lets you go through the steps to upgrade your campfire to a Tier Three Camp. 

(A Three Tier Camp allows you to craft more advanced items on the go. These items tend to be helpful for healing your character or adding bonuses to your character. The more upgraded your camp is, the more powerful items you can craft there. There are five possible Tiers that your camp can be upgraded to.)

Where to get the Quest for a Tier Three Camp:

This quest, once you hit level 25, is automatically pinpointed on your map to pick-up, and is located in Cutlass Keys, just a bit south to the main city.

Once you are level 25 you can head on over to Tosch South-West from Cutlass Keys and grab the quest “Animal Instincts“. This quest will have you staying very close by, where you will be gathering samples from wildcats and alligators in a level 28 area.

Here you’ll be looting Streaked Alligators for their Streaked Scales and Sierra Wildcats for their Sharpened Claws. Once complete you will want to travel back to Tosch and turn the quest in. Tosch will offer you another quest but it is not necessary to complete as you already have your level three camp!

To build a Tier Three camp you will just need 5 Greenwood and 1 Flint. 

Different Camping Tiers

Tier One Campfire

Tier Two Campfire

Tier Three Campfire

Tier Four Campfire

Tier Five Campfire

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