At Level 15 you are able to get the quest “Friends in Fashion” in Monarchs Bluff. This quests lets you go through the steps to upgrade your campfire to a Tier Two Camp. 

A Two Tier Camp allows you to craft more advanced items on the go. These items tend to be helpful for healing your character or adding bonuses to your character. The more upgraded your camp is, the more powerful items you can craft there. There are five possible Tiers that your camp can be upgraded to.

Where to get the Quest for a Tier Two Camp

Head on over to Bercina Thornton in Monarch’s bluff and grab the quest “Friends in Fashion”. This quest will have you head over to the Divine Rise, a rather spooky run down castle type place with different skeleton enemies and many plants to harvest.  

Here you’ll be looting 15 skeletons for their Tattered Silk, once complete you will want to travel over to Evarfall and turn the quest into Odnell Lee. Make sure you are on the look out for good loot at the Divine Rise. There are multiple Ancient Urns and Chests to gather here with nice items for the taking.

Different Camping Tiers

Tier One Campfire

Tier Two Campfire

Tier Three Campfire

Tier Four Campfire

Tier Five Campfire

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