Godfall : Beautiful yet Bland

Honestly, I’m going to keep this review as short as possible, to waste less of your time here than the game wasted of mine. In short, Godfall played it “safe,” with little to no innovation or creativity. It’s beautiful, but beyond average and bland, a game that even with friends might be a tedious and boring grind.

Godfall is a gorgeous looking Looter Slasher (basically think shooter looter but with swords) that falls beyond short of what a Next Generation game should be. Let me tell ya, at FIRST I thought “Hey, maybe this game will impress me with gameplay”, but after the first hour or so the combat grew bland and boring, even the abilities that you get as you level up were just… stale or not needed. I found myself just spamming left click until I saw an opportunity to heavy attack right click. Sure, the running around and exploring the map(s) scenery is nice, but it’s nothing more than a bunch of “go here get this” missions with very limited reasons to do anything.

The game tried to create an element of haste, urgency, and importance, but at the end of the day you just run around collecting HEAPS of resources, slashing enemies to the ground, or spending tons of time sorting through the insane amount of garbage weapons you got to either use them or delete them. Mostly delete, which takes forever. 

The boss fights were kinda fun, they just involved you beating the tar out of some big god dude, but I found that after a while the fight doesn’t really matter. This isn’t dark souls or zelda, you don’t start from square 1 if you die, you go back in and the enemy (if you knocked off a part of their health) will STILL be at that health level. Some of the secondary bosses, the ones that you only go to in order to gain resources, ended up being so beyond easy even when you’re character is a low level. I’m pretty sure they gave me a 44 minute time limit to fight ONE boss who just runs around the map. I completed the entire thing, only 2 levels above the boss, within 3 minutes. 

I spent a good amount of time trying to build up my character, immerse myself in the game, master the combat, but I felt like within the first 5 hours or so I was just beyond done. The game couldn’t hold my attention, it was just such a generic “next gen” title, as though they only released it to try and take advantage of the new consoles releasing, try to get in some quick sales. I can only imagine a few folks picking up this game for the sake of having a next generation specific title to experience the power of the console, but seriously, if you want a next gen title, go with Valhalla, Cyberpunk, or Miles Morales.

This game is nothing more than an attempt at Warframe gameplay mixed with Destiny looting… and I feel like I’ve played this game a hundred times before I even played it. If you seriously enjoy grindy games, I’m not saying this game is BAD, it’s just not revolutionary, like next gen titles should try and attempt to be. It’s just a pretty average game with nice graphics.

All in all, In my opinion it’s a 6/10. Not BAD, just bland.